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Transformers TCG Rise of the Combiners Hits Stores Today! Open a Box With Us!
Transformers Trading Card Game is releasing its second series today, and the Combiners are here! After a very successful launch, Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro are upping the ante with the second series Now players can combine bots to bring a titan-sized Combiner onto the battlefield The five Combiner bots are Predaking, Volcanicus, Menasor,[...]
Transformers TCG Metroplex 1
The Transformers Trading Card Game debuted in the fall , and was an instant success with both collectors and gamers The games easy to pick up system and oversized Bot cards caused a bit of a frenzy when the initial push of product took place They sold out all over, and continue to move briskly[...]
Transformers Trading Card Game1
Hasbro's long-teased Transformers Trading Card Game hits stores today, and they were kind enough to send over the Autobots starter pack and a booster pack of cards for us to take a look at After getting a look at this first hand at SDCC this year, I have been waiting to get my hands on[...]
Transformers TCG-2
Officially being called the Transformers Trading Card Game, the company will show off four specific cards at San Diego Comic-Con next week, where fans can snag select cards in limited quantities before it officially launches in the U.S and other select markets later this year Here's a brief description of the game and the Autobots Starter Set and[...]