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San Diego Comic Con Starts Here – TR!CKST3R
Or rather, the neighbouring Tr!ckster, now adding a 3 to its punctuation filled title, for its third year of providing a creator-owned focused comic book top up to SDCC. So, from the 17th July to the 20th, the East Village Tavern will host TR!CKST3R, this mix of comics, live drawing, drinks, workshops and symposia, while also[...]
The Tr!ckster Pop-Up Shop Puts Down Roots In Berkeley, California
But now the pop-up Tr!ckstercomic book store-and-bar-and-studio-and-lecture-space is going permanent, and moving into Berkeley, California from next month.  A thousand square foot space will contain both a gallery and a shop, with plans to host art shows, signings and live art events, as well as small workshops, all year long. The store will be run by Tr!ckster[...]
Half Naked Ladies With Guns At San Diego Comic Con
Welcome to Tr!ckster Bar the pop up comics shop/bar/life drawing studio over the tracks from San Diego Comic Con You can't miss it, just follow the bass beat Even Brendon Connelly film writer of Bleeding Cool found comics to enjoy there such as Jeff Pidgeon's Happy Beaver by someone, as Brendon puts it, has a[...]