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"Two Point Hospital" Is Getting A New Expansion Called "Off the Grid"

"Two Point Hospital" Is Getting A New Expansion Called "Off The Grid"

SEGA and Two Point Games will be adding a new expansion to Two Point Hospital as players will soon be practicing medicine Off the Grid The new addition will be sold for $9 as it goes on sale on March 26th, 2020 In this new expansion, you'll be exploring new areas of the world with an[...]

The Superbug Initiative: A new, free update for Two Point Hospital [ESRB]

Two Point Hospital Will Launch the Superbug Initiative on April 30th

Two Point Hospital will be getting a new free update this month as the next addition called the Superbug Initiative will be added on April 30th. The story to the update is that Bungle Technologies has invited select healthcare organizations to be invited to work towards the future of Two Point County as part of […]

Two Point Hospital Announces New DLC in Pebberley Island

SEGA and Two Point Games announced today that Two Point Hospital will be getting a brand new DLC pack called Pebberley Island Along with a new set of additions for your hospital, new illnesses to cure, and a few additional treatment options, the game will have a bit of a side quest for you in seeking the[...]

Two Point Hospital to Receive Interior Designer Update

The devs at Two Point Games along with SEGA released a new trailer this week showing off an Interior Designer update with Steam Workshop functionality, which will allow you to make your hospitals look however you wish, as well as being able to throw in some custom items into the mix like having your own pictures on the[...]

Two Point Hospital

We Preview Two Point Hospital with Sega, Plus an Interview with the Devs

Eventually, I want people to say “I love Two Point Games; they make the games I like to play." Recently we got the pleasure of being invited by Sega to come out to their studio to try a demo of a brand-new game on the way this year called Two Point Hospital. Two Point Hospital is a[...]