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Benedict Arnold and Albert Einstein in Redcoat #2 (Spoilers)
Who also has a divergent path. As a young man of magic rather than science… REDCOAT #2 CVR A HITCH & ANDERSON IMAGE COMICS MAR240414 (W) Geoff Johns (A) Andrew Currie (A/CA) Bryan Hitch, Brad Anderson The Unnamed's Redcoat is just getting started! It is 1892! The year of Coca-Cola, the first public basketball game, and Lizzie Borden picking up an[...]
Andrea Mutti Comes To Ghost Machine With Geoff Johns For The Blizzard
Well, I haven't heard from anyone who went what went down but it did inspire me to do a little digging around. Which is where I found Tales Of The Unnamed: The Blizzard by Geoff Johns and Andrea Mutti, being published by Ghost Machine and Image Comics for the 23rd of July And part of the[...]