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Alan Moore and his unfinished Gen 13 story
When I picked up Warrior Magazine and was reading it for V For Vendetta and Marvelman, they mentioned his name and what else he wrote, and something in my eleven-year-old brain clicked into place Since then, I have always enjoyed his work across media, seen his talks, performance pieces, shows, programmes on the TV and radio,[...]
V For Vendetta Cake Withdrawn From Competition After Complaints
But a Birmingham-based cake decorating competition has entered the foray of international politics for the 5th of November. A Hong Kong protest-themed cake, featuring the V For Vendetta Guy Fawkes mask as originally designed by David Lloyd, made famous (and merchandisable) by the movie, and adopted by Anonymous, has been disqualified by Cake International, the organisers[...]
Why DC's Infinite Crisis and Superboy Prime are Very Relevant Right Now
And also we're not talking a V for Vendetta or generally political style book No, this is a massive universe redefining superhero event. Cover by George Perez [SPOILERS FOR INFINITE CRISIS FOLLOW] The general plot revolved around several survivors of DC's classic Crisis on Infinite Earths affecting the world of DC at the time DC at this point[...]
NYCC '15: Look! It Moves! Interviews David Lloyd
I interview V for Vendetta co-creator and artist David Lloyd on his exclusive digital-only, creator-owned comics anthology series Aces Weekly. You can subscribe to Aces Weekly at acesweekly.co.uk Hanging out at lookitmoves@gmail.com Follow the official LOOK! IT MOVES! twitter feed at http://twitter.com/lookitmoves for thoughts and snark on media and pop culture, stuff for future columns and stuff I[...]
Prez Lays Out A Remarkable Future For Twitter, Drones, Anonymous And DC
And, because this comic is published by DC, they have no problem in using their distinctive V For Vendetta likenesses… So Midnighter gives us the DCU's first condoms, Prez gives it their first members of Anonymous Normally the company looks for similarly named equivalents, in Prez, they just don't care After all, they have bigger fish to[...]
Remember Remember Everything Wrong With V For Vendetta
The folks from Cinema Sins are back and just in time for Guy Fawkes Day the have done: Everything Wrong With V For Vendetta It's interesting taking a look back at the Wachowski's adaptation after over a decade This was well received by fans at the time, but the true test is how well a[...]
Google Play Deems Comics Fit For Consumption (UPDATE)
It was something like this, but not quite the same. This image is actually preceded by a V mask from V for Vendetta, though it's unclear whether it represents the comic or the movie (probably the movie since it's a 3D mask), as is the Wolverine-ripped X-Men symbol that follows shortly after the Batman spot[...]
Anonymous Vs Martha Gill Over V For Vendetta
I remember when DC Comics' Bob Wayne first started handing out V For Vendetta masks at a UK Comic Con in the late nineties Back then, they were just a promotional item… Two days ago in The Telegraph, Martha Gill wrote; Anonymous have been exposed as hypocrites Watch them try to wriggle out of it On Guy Fawkes[...]
Could Occupy Comics Face The Wrath Of Warner Bros Lawyers?
This is the cover to the Occupy Comics trade paperback, featuring the V For Vendetta version of the Guy Fawkes mask which has been appropriated by Anonymous, Occupy and the Arab Spring movements. It hadn't appeared on the covers of the issues, though used inside Because while one could be considered comment and fair use, putting[...]