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Bahrain Bans The V For Vendetta Mask

Here's the translated decree from the Bahrain government. The Minister of Industry and Commerce: After looking at Law number 35 of the year 2012 concerning the protection of consumers, and more closely at article 16 of the law; And building upon the request of the Ministry of Interior; And taking into account the public's safety; And building on the suggestion[...]

V For Vendetta – The Stage Play

From the people who brought you the stage version of The Ballad Of Halo Jones last January...V For Vendetta, the stage play, adapted by Sean Mason To be staged on January 8th, 9th, 10th and 27th as part of the Midwinter Lassfest 2013, held at the Lass O'Gowrie pub in Manchester.That is if they haven't[...]

BC Mag #1: V2 Vendetta

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Rich Johnston. Before Watchmen. Sandman Zero. DC Comics is going back to the past, revisiting the holy of holies to uncover new riches. With or without the original creators. But after these two monuments, what could be next? Well I've been sent a rather spurious document that may shed some […]

V For ComiXology All Over The World

Granted a sale on V for Vendetta certainly helps no doubt.  V for Vendetta comes in first in Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Greece and Sweden, and while it charts in Canada, U.S., Ireland it does gangbusters in Spain, Mexico and Greece taking up the entire chart 8 of 10 of the spots go to the Moore/Lloyd[...]

V For Vendetta Marches On Parliament (LIVE – UPDATED)

They rememebred, remembered the fifth of Novembered. You know, in the original scene filmed at Parliament for the V For Vendetta movie, they got decent access because in part Tony Blair's son, Euan Blair was an intern on the film.. they could hav done with him today. From Trafalgar Square, tonight They rememebred, remembered[...]

Scribblenauts For Vendetta

This is what happens when you type "Mask" into Super Scribblenauts on the 3DS. Has DC been notifed? David Lloyd? Alan Moore?! Is this an example of Occupy Scribblenauts???

Fashion Beast: The Missing Piece of an Alan Moore Puzzle

No one redefined the comic book landscape quite like Alan Moore in the 1980s, and the year 1985 was one of the most creative of his career.  He'd taken Saga of the Swamp Thing to new levels of horror and brilliance.  He'd introduced the world to John Constantine, a magic con man and later, Hellblazer. [...]

The Big Dollar Items Burn Up Advance Reorders In Comic Stores

A new incentive scheme for Avengers Vs X-Men #9 has helped sales it seems, but also of note are the Sandman Slipcase Set, Death Deluxe, V For Vendetta book/mask combo, with noteable Marvel reorders on the likes of the Hawkeye and First X-Men launches.TOP 25 ADVANCE REORDER COMICS/GRAPHIC NOVELS/TPs (RETAIL)              Description SRP SupplierAVENGERS VS[...]

Alan Moore's BBC HARDTalk Interview Now Online, Internationally

Thanks to one hard working YouTuber, we now have the Alan Moore interview with BBC's HARDTalk online for everyone to see. The BBC generally don't take these kind of things down, so it should be good for a while at least… [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAfXSgRxQEc[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tn95a3gGaW0[/youtube]

Get Your Alan Moore-Signed V For Vendetta Masks – Occupy The Album

And they are appealing for start up costs through SponsuMe.com.The album will contain work from the likes of Ani Di Franco, Tom Morello, Tao Seeger, Billy Bragg, Sam Duckworth, Chumbawumba and a cover by Sex Pistols designer Jamie Reid.And one of the rewards is, for £175, a resign V For Vendetta mask signed by Alan[...]

Alan Moore Talks V For Vendetta Masks To The BBC

Alan Moore has written an article for the BBC about the history and impact of the Guy Fawkes and the mask from V For Vendetta, including recent anti-Scientology and Occupy protests.He writes, regarding the re-emergence of the mask. It would seem that the various tectonic collapses deep in the structure of our economic and political systems[...]

And Finally… Polish Politicians Go V For Vendetta

Just saying.Anyway, the Polish Government's vote to sign the controversial copyright legistaltion Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, amid wide protests, caused a number of Polish politicians to take to the benches in V For Vendetta Guy Fawkes masks.Not they're not even the the offiical Warner Bros masks, they're photocopied knock offs I do hope that was deliberate. [...]

Alan Moore Meets Occupy Londoners In Their V For Vendetta Masks [VIDEO]

Channel 4 News last night interviewed Alan Moore, and took him to meet the Occupy London demonstrators for the first time at St Paul's Cathedral. And he came away "amazed, I'm very impressed and I'm rather touched. The people here are amazing, I think that this is the best organised, most forward thinking protest that […]

Swipe File: David Aja And Mean Internet People

Comic book artist and illustrator David Aja may be best known for work on comics such as Immortal Iron Fist. But he's also a dab hand at the odd provocative cartoon. Such as this V For Mickey Mouse. A rather popular one if this level of swiping is indicitive on clothing and stickers… tweeted online. […]

Alan Moore Joins David Lloyd For Occupy Comics

For the Occupy Comics volume, two days away from the completion of their fundraising campaign.Alan Moore and David Lloyd have not worked together since V For Vendetta, the imagery of which has been seen throughout the Occupy campaigns And while divorced professionally, they will both contribute to the Occupy Comics volume.Alan will be "contributing a[...]

Occupy Comics Recruits The Man Who Gave Them A Face – V's David Lloyd

The Occupy Comics project have added more names to their significant roster of talent.In the latest batch of recruits are Invincible's Ryan Ottley, Madman's Mike Allred, Too Much Coffee Man's Shannon Wheeler, Flood!'s Eric Drooker, American Splendor's Dean Haspiel, and the painter Guy Denning.Though the most notable, perhaps, is David Lloyd, the man who illustrated[...]

Vox Populi – Alan Moore Talks Anonymous, Occupy And The V For Vendetta Mask

This vaguely rhythmic psychedelic experience was grabbed by promoters of the acid house rave movement, specifically Bomb The Bass in the late eighties and early nineties.But it's a previous image, created by Alan Moore and David Lloyd for V For Vendetta, that has come to the fore now The Lloyd-designed Guy Fawkes mask, the face[...]