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Morena Baccarin Editorial credit: lev radin /
While it's been over two years since Deadpool 2's (2018) release, one of the major complaints of the film was the "fridging" of Vanessa, played by Morena Baccarin, the term typically coined in comics as "killing the love interest" to further the main hero's story This is often viewed as lazy and sexist because it's[...]
A Full Frontal Deadpool Review (Minor Spoilers)
It's rather Monty Python's Holy Grail. It's not the only Monty Python reference, the dialogue between Wade Wilson and Vanessa, comparing tragic childhood stories is right out of the Four Yorkshiremen sketch His first fight against Colossus is the Black Knight from Holy Grail It has to be deliberate As is the "sit on my face" line. Because[...]
Deadpool Movie Spoilers – The Pansexuality Of Wade Wilson
Deadpool's lead sexual preference is a heterosexual relationship as Wade Wilson with sex worker Vanessa And you get a lot of it They do play considerably within, and there's the very strong implication that she uses a strap-on on him. But for all that, he is not shy about constantly dropping messages in the other direction[...]