Deadpool Movie Spoilers – The Pansexuality Of Wade Wilson

tumblr_inline_mxxbfqv8pl1qeimwqI saw Deadpool earlier today. It was great. A low-spoiler review of the movie is here.

But before going in, I was asked by some Bleeding Cool readers if I could be explicit about the pansexuality of Deadpool, a character whose sexual preferences on screen may make him the first lead LGBTQI superhero character, as he can be in the comics.

And… yes. It's there, pretty much just the way it is in the comics. Deadpool's lead sexual preference is a heterosexual relationship as Wade Wilson with sex worker Vanessa. And you get a lot of it. They do play considerably within, and there's the very strong implication that she uses a strap-on on him.

But for all that, he is not shy about constantly dropping messages in the other direction. Implying he's had a thing with Wolverine (in an Australian accent) involving tickling his balls, that are shaved "down under". Quite a surprise for such a hairy man. His obsession with Wolverine and/or Hugh Jackman returns a number of times…

There's a relatively tender peck on the face of the pizza delivery boy for whom Wade Wilson is bringing a smackdown.

There's also a jibe against Frances' use of his fists on a Saturday night. It's what you might expect from Deadpool.

But in the animated credit sequence with a cartoon Deadpool jumping around the "finally" running credits, the cartoon Deadpool reacts with a blatant erection to the name of a female member of production staff. That grows even larger when it is replaced by a male name.

This is not a film about sexuality as such, but it occurs and has not been sanitised away. It's often a joke, yes, but in Deadpool, everything is a joke. Everything.

So there you go.

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