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The Eagle #1 (Fox, 1941)
The Eagle first appeared in the venerable Fox Features Syndicate early 1940 release Science Comics #1.  As the series name implies, the origin of his powers was based in science: "Bill Powers, young scientist, discovers an anti-gravitation fluid which, when placed on his specially designed wings, enables him to fly like a bird."  But the[...]
Wonderworld Comics #11 (Fox, 1940)
In a moment that triggered one of the most important sequences of events in American comic book publishing history, the Wonderworld Comics title was launched as Wonder Comics #1 on March 17, 1939.  Its publisher Victor Fox was sued by DC Comics virtually the instant his debut issue hit the newsstands, "for infringement of copyright[...]
After a seven-issue start as a funny animal title, Victor Fox company Fox Features Syndicate transformed its All Top Comics series into the kind of content it has become best known for to collectors in the decades since.  The title is best remembered today for its jungle girl-centric content featuring the likes of Rulah and[...]
The Flame #1 "Atomic Generator" story (reprinted from Wonderworld Comics #11).
Fox Features Syndicate founder Victor Fox was one of the most notorious publishers of the Golden Age of comic books — and that's saying something.  Through lawsuits over copying characters from other publishers, two bankruptcies, and tangling with the War Production Board over violating paper quotas, Fox was a man who wasn't afraid to get[...]
Fantastic Comics #4 (Fox, 1940) interior Samson story.
A great cover can have a tremendous impact on the value of a vintage comic book.  This is not the first time we've noted that here, and it won't be the last.  The cover of Fantastic Comics #3 by artist Lou Fine and published by Victor Fox makes that issue one of the most sought-after[...]
Science Comics #1 Dr. Doom story, Fox 1940.
Victor Fox was not the kind of man to let a little legal scuffle slow him down.  Despite fighting a then ongoing battle with DC Comics since the moment Wonder Comics #1 was released (Wonder Comics #1 has a copyright date of March 17, 1939, DC v Bruns was filed on March 16), Fox expanded[...]
Mystery Men #1, 1939, Fox Features Syndicate, Blue Beetle title panel.
The material in this issue was likely in production at publisher Victor Fox's Fox Features Syndicate just as the April 2, 1939 judgment in DC v Bruns lawsuit was handed down.  In that decision, Judge Learned Hand of United States District Court, Southern District of New York, ruled that Fox's Wonderman character infringed on DC's[...]