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As part of the ramp up to people buying the PlayStation Classic this holiday season, VRV has a short documentary you might be interested in watching VRV is currently hosting a documentary on their Cartoon Hangover channel called The History of PlayStation, a 16-minute video giving you a lesson in what happened with the original Sony[...]
Classic Cartoons Come to VRV Streaming Service on New Boomerang Channel
All your favorite old school cartoons are now available as part of the VRV streaming platform, which launched a new Boomerang channel today Boomerang launched its own streaming service in 2017, so the availability of the cartoons is not necessarily new, nor is the price, which remains $4.99 for a monthly subscription to just the[...]
Bee and Puppycat
Bee and PuppyCat fans, rejoice! The impossibly adorable show is headed your way thanks to Frederator Studios and VRV New episodes are heading your way in 2019, with creator Natasha Allegri as the showrunner Read the full press release below. ***** In the new series, Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space, the beloved lead characters' world is even more[...]
Classic Cartoons Freakazoid!, Dragon's Lair, and Road Rovers Now Streaming on VRV
Streaming service VRV, which is probably best known for the standalone anime streaming service Crunchyroll, has announced that classic Warner Bros cartoons Freakazoid!, Road Rovers, and Dragon's Lair are now streaming exclusively on the VRV platform VRV's other channels include Funimation, DramaFever, Rooster Teeth, and Shudder, as well as additional VRV exclusive series HarmonQuest and Bravest[...]