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Injustice 2 Has Been Formally Announced With Trailer
I thought we wouldn't be seeing the game until E3, but Warner Brothers Interactive have decided to lift the curtain early. This trailer has just been released, and features a bunch of DC's finest in an all out brawl It also seems to show that the suits of the heroes will have some sort of 'armour'[...]
Arkham Series Developer Sends Awesome Mortal Kombat Cake To NetherRealms
Well this is nice to see. Two developers intimate with Warner Brothers Interactive have shown a little camaraderie over the weekend Arkham Assylum developer Rocksteady sent over a beautiful cake featuring the severed heads of Sub Zero and Scorpion in celebration of the launch of Mortal Kombat X. Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon tweeted out an image[...]