Middle-earth: Shadow of War Story DLC Blade of Galadriel Gets New Trailer for Launch

Warner Brothers Interactive has released a trailer for Middle Earth: Shadow of War's new Story DLC Blade of Galadriel to go alongside today's release.

Shadow Of War

Shadow of War has been out there a while now. While it didn't quite land with the same critical praise as the first title and it came under fire for microtransactions, it was a pretty decent title that had some really fun, orc filled moments. The loud personalities of all the orcs you met and how their story evolved with yours remained really cool. It's definitely worth checking out. It's about to get a fair bit bigger, too, so there is a reason to come back if you've already been on the adventure.

The game is getting new story DLC in the form of the Blade of Galadriel. This will put players in the shoes of Eltariel, the elf that was tasked with hunting down the Nazgul. It's hard to discuss the narrative further as it all deals with the (frankly absurd but fun) ending of the game. You can see for yourself in this trailer of the game, but again, there are very late game spoilers here. Still, it fills in some important gaps in the title's conclusion, so if you did end up caring, this seems somewhat essential.

Of course, this will come with the Expansion Pass, or you can buy it separately for £11.99 on all platforms.

The story of the game really messes with the lore of Tolkien's work, but in brazen and bold ways. It's kind of fascinating to see the freedom Monolith was allowed to move with, impressive almost. I'd be excited to see more of that. Have at it.

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