Dying Light To Make You Super-Powered Tomorrow (But Only For One Day)

I'd almost forgotten April Fools is tomorrow, or as I like to call it: 'the day the internet burns'. It's that joyous day where fact and fiction blurs and nothing can be taken seriously. Honestly, it can make my job a bit of a hassle. (That isn't to say it isn't fun mind!)

That's why I appreciate Techland coming out a day early and announcing their prank. It also helps that it will have in-game ramifications. For 24 hours only, Dying Light is going to play a little differently. Crane will be imbued with the power of super powered kicks and punches to toss zombies around.

This has been explained as "a bad batch of antizin." Although, I'm not sure Antizin that makes you super strong in a zombie apocalypse is a bad thing…

Here is a trailer announcing the event:


If I get time, I will try to jump into the game tomorrow. I'm sure this will be worth a few minutes of fun at least.

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