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Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for April 24-30, 2018
Looking over the latest video game releases for this week, it is a great time to be a Nintendo Switch owner as more than half of what we have on the docket to end out the month of April is for that console alone! Have fun checking out the complete list of games that are[...]
Detective Pikachu
Baseball 18 (PS4, Switch, XB1) Sea of Thieves (PC, XB1) Shantae and the Pirate's Curse (Switch) Swim Out (Switch) Titan Quest (PC, PS4, XB1) Velocity 2X: Critical Mass Edition [Physical] (PS4, Vita) March 21st Bad Dudes (Switch) Dream Alone (PC) Lunar Stone: Origin of Blood [VR] (PS4) Where Are My Friends? (PS4, XB1) World of Warriors (PS4) March 22nd Ark Park [VR] (PC, PS4) EAT BEAT DEADSPIKE-san (Switch) Gekido Kintaro's[...]