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New Who's The Boss? Series Planned; Tony Danza, Alyssa Milano Return
With an announcement that we have to admit we didn't see coming and actually sounds pretty promising, Sony Pictures Television and returning original cast members Tony Danza (Tony Micelli) and Alyssa Milano (Samantha Micelli) are teaming up for a sequel series to the classic ABC sitcom Who's The Boss? The original series is part of[...]
The ESA Cautions Against Game Addiction Diagnoses
The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) held a meeting with the World Health Organization (WHO) on December 3, 2018 The meeting was intended to discuss the WHO's activities in regards to "video games, provide information on the video game industry, and exchange views on the role video games and related industries may play in contributing to[...]
The World Heath Organization Recognizes Gaming Addiction as a Mental Disorder
The idea behind the WHO's decision is to classify gaming addiction as a specific disorder is for it to"be seen and treated as a serious medical disorder." Symptoms of the disorder include "compulsively playing video games." Many of the opponents of classifying gaming addiction as a distinct disorder cite that evidence suggests it is merely another[...]