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X-ual Healing 5-22-19: The Internet's Only #XMenMonday Column This Week
He was working with Sabretooth to ruinite with Rahne, and he's brought along her dead son as well. Man, as if killing Rahne off in the main Uncanny X-Men book wasn't enough, now Rosenberg has to torture her in this flashback series by bringing back her dead lover and son, and, presumably, take them back away[...]
Wolverine: Infinity Watch #2 Reveals How Technology Ruins Everything
In next week's Wolverine: Infinity Watch #2, this odd couple does their best to cope with this reality in a preview you can see below. The pair is on their way to track down Bautista, a man who possesses the Time Gem and has become a target of galactic Infinity Stone hunters… No, not that Bautista[...]
Wolverine and Loki Team Up in Wolverine: Infinity Watch in February
If you thought Marvel's favorite Mary Sue, Wolverine, was overpowered before, what would you say if he possessed the Infinity Gauntlet? In a press release on Marvel.com, Marvel revealed a new mini-series launching in February, Wolverine: Infinity Watch On the cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Wolverine's claws can be seen extruding from the titular gauntlet, implying[...]