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World of Nintendo Wave 15 Explorer Mario 1
A new wave of World of Nintendo figures will be hitting shelves next month, and the focus for this wave is Nintendo Switch game Super Mario Odyssey Those who have played the excellent game will recognize Cappy, Mario's sentient hat that you use in the game to control various enemies and characters It really is[...]
BC Toy Spotting Collage 1
These figures have Elite articulation and feature a figure base that will play the Superstars theme music when you press a button. NFL Fans will want to head to their nearest Build a Bear, as they now have bears featuring your favorite teams uniforms and helmets! As a Browns fan, I hate that these uniforms with[...]
Jakks Pacific Brings Harry Potter, Nintendo, WWE, and Batman to SDCC
I really liked the larger figure with lights and sounds and interchangeable parts. The main event for most in the room, however, would be the World of Nintendo and Nintendo lines Wind-up toys, RC cars from Mario Kart, and figures in their 2.5 and 4 inch Plenty of exclusives will be coming to both GameStop and[...]
World of Nintendo Wave 12 Figure 7
World of Nintendo figures are up to wave 12, which will be hitting stores and online this April The wave will consist of four figures: Hammer Bro, a metal version of Mario, Iggy, and my personal favorite version of Mario, the Raccoon Mario! All feature accessories and more articulation than you would think with figures[...]