World of Nintendo Figures Wave 12 Hits Stores in April

World of Nintendo figures are up to wave 12, which will be hitting stores and online this April. The wave will consist of four figures: Hammer Bro, a metal version of Mario, Iggy, and my personal favorite version of Mario, the Raccoon Mario! All feature accessories and more articulation than you would think with figures in this scale. They are up for preorder now.

Enjoy the World of Nintendo with these 4-Inch Action Figures! Characters from your favorite Nintendo games are here to join your collection! Each character comes with a bonus accessory and multiple points of articulation.

Product Features

  • 4 inch (10.16cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Characters from your favorite Nintendo games
  • Multiple points of articulation


Box Contents

  • Metal Mario figure
    • Trophy
  • Hammer Bro. figure
    • Hammer
  • Iggy figure
    • Wand
  • Raccoon Mario figure
    • Leaf

Look at how awesome that damn Raccoon Mario is! The fact that he comes with the leaf is just icing on the cake. But really all four of these are fantastic-looking. I also really like the Iggy figure; him having his foot bent back like that is a great touch while posing him. I look at the figure and hear the castle music from Super Mario Bros. 3. If I had to ding any figure in the wave, it would be the Metal Mario, but that is only because of a lack of interest on my part. The figure itself has a nice sculpt, but it is basically every other Mario figure, just painted silver.

I recently went hog-wild collecting these World of Nintendo figures, and Jakks Pacific has done an exceptional job keeping this line feel fresh and exciting during its run. I am all in now, so keep them coming, guys and gals!

You can preorder these figures either as a wave or individually right here if you would like to do so.

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