BC Toy Spotting: New Marvel Legends, Fortnite Funko, and More!

Welcome to the first edition of BC Toy Spotting! We are in and out of stores pretty much every day, and we figure (ha!) why not show all of our fellow collectors what we are coming across on pegs and shelves. As collectors, we know that staying on top of what is in stores can be almost a full time job, so we are here to help you with your toy hunts and outings. Let's get to it!

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First up: the newest figure in Mattel's WWE Entrance Greats is hitting stores right now, as Finn Balor all decked out as The Demon joins the line. These figures have Elite articulation and feature a figure base that will play the Superstars theme music when you press a button.

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NFL Fans will want to head to their nearest Build a Bear, as they now have bears featuring your favorite teams uniforms and helmets! As a Browns fan, I hate that these uniforms with a fiery passion, but these are still really cool!

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Some new Jakks World of Nintendo figures have been popping up at Gamestop this week, and I picked myself up that Red Yoshi because Yoshi is the best.

Gamestop was the place to be this week. They got in a bunch of their fall exclusives and new figures, including their McFarlane Toys Stranger Things exclusive barg figure, and the four pack of the boys in their Ghostbusters uniforms! The set is incredible, and you can look for a review of it on BC this week.

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For Marvel Legends collectors, the new Archangel figure is hitting Gamestops hard right now. You can look for a review of this on BC as well this week. Spoiler: it will be a good one.

BC Toy Spotting: New Marvel Legends, Fortnite Funko, and More!

Also for marvel collectors in Gamestop, be sure to pick up a few of the Deadpool Chimichanga mystery figure packs. These are pretty fun and unique, and would be good to hold onto for stocking stuffers for Christmas.

Moving to the Funko side of things, Aquaman Pops are hitting stores hard right now. Best place to pick those up right now would be Hot Topic, where they are 3 for $27. Always a good buy however are Funko Vynl two-packs, and you would be hard-pressed to find one better than this Oogie and Behemoth pack (didn't he have an actual name in that movie, or am I crazy?). Also hitting Gamestops first right now are the Die Hard Pops. Finally, the Stan Lee Pop Pez has been out for a bit, but has been hard to track down, at least in my area. Good to see it coming back.

We will wrap up this first column with something I am sure most of you are excited about: Fortnite Funko Pops have arrived at Gamestop. There are A TON of these, including Funko Pocket Pops as well. These were being grabbed by the armful when I was taking these pics, so if you want these go get them!

What are YOU finding in stores right now? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter using the #BC_ToySpotting

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