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Ethan Sacks' Fire Breathing Writer’s Commentary on Kiss Zombies #5
But Ethan Sacks has a Writer's Commentary for his Kiss Zombies comic just out from Dynamite Entertainment He writes. Ethan Sacks' Fire Breathing Writer's Commentary on Kiss Zombies #5. Page 1: It all comes down to this! When crafting my original pitch and outline for Kevin Ketner, my editor at Dynamite, I wanted to end the series with[...]
Sniegoski's Writer's Commentary on Vengeance of Vampirella #6, out now from Dynamite Entertainment He writes, The resurrected Vampirella has had her final battle with her arch enemy, Hemorrhage It didn't go well for the villain, Vampirella having savagely broken his neck, but it didn't mean that she escaped the epic battle unscathed Suffering some pretty intense[...]
Vengeance of Vampirella #2
Sniegoski's Writer's Commentary on Vengeance of Vampirella #2, on sale now from Dynamite. With the release of Issue #1, we learned that the world has been totally overrun by Chaos; the forces of darkness, under the control of Mistress Nyx, have reduced humanity to near extinction levels It looks as though the bad guys have actually[...]
Writer's Commentary – Peter Milligan On Terminal Hero #5
Writer's commentary by Peter Milligan for issue #5 of Terminal Hero. Rory wasn't the only one to take the strange and terrible  Treatment Q.  The issue opens with Mia and Minesh enjoying – if that's the right word – the treatment's dubious pleasures. Minesh offers to spread sacred vibhuti over Mia's wounds Vibhuti being the sacred ash[...]
Writer's Commentary – Sherlock Holmes: Moriarty Lives #4 By David Liss
Now Liss is back with a writer's commentary for the recently released fourth and penultimate issue of the series. Page 1.  When I first started writing comics for Marvel, one of the first bits of advice my most excellent editor, Bill Rosemann, gave me was to swing for the fences.  I always interpreted that as meaning that[...]
Writer's Commentary – Troy Brownfield On Blood Queen #1
Writer's Commentary for Dynamite's Blood Queen #1 by Troy Brownfield Greetings and welcome! The fact that you've chosen to spend your time reading this writer's commentary reveals you as either a person of excellent taste and character or someone that has too much time on their hands at work Either way, I hope you enjoy it[...]