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Torchlight: Infinite Will Hold Closed Beta On Mobile
Here's some more info on the game and the beta. Credit: XD Inc. Torchlight: Infinite is the latest entry into the award-winning Torchlight series initially developed by Runic Games, which has hacked and slashed its way through the Action RPG genre with flexible hero building, fast-paced combat, and the oh-so-adorable pets Torchlight: Infinite, set 200 years after[...]
Moncage Is Coming To PC & Mobile In Mid-November
Moncage will be released on November 16th, 2021, as it is currently up for both wishlists and pre-orders. Credit: XD Inc. Moncage is a mysterious cube that connects parallel worlds through mind-boggling optical illusions Each side of the cube houses a dynamic world with hidden connections to the others; the player must carefully manipulate the cube and[...]