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The Cycle: Frontier Reveals New Monster Coming For Season 3
Indie developer and publisher YAGER announced this week they are making some changes to The Cycle: Frontier before the game heads into Season 3 A lof of eh discussion in this video talks about the weapon upgrades that you'll be seeing as they are bringing in some better firepower to deal with the new swarm[...]
The Cycle: Frontier Reveals New Monster Coming For Season 3
Developer and publisher Yager has revealed a whole new monster coming to The Cycle: Frontier as Season 3 is on the horizon The team has shared its first look at a brand new upcoming PvE monster, which they are calling The Howler This will be the first official flying enemy to land on Fortuna III, as[...]
The Cycle: Frontier Announces Plans For Season 3 Changes
Indie developer and publisher Yager revealed their plans for Season 3 of The Cycle: Frontier, which includes some pretty major changes The team posted a brand new article and video with details of how they'll be going about adding content this time around and what you can expect to see The biggest change, which we[...]
The Cycle: Frontier Launches Season Two Today
Indie developer and publisher Yager has launched the second season of The Cycle: Frontier called The Depths of Tharis Island This season comes with a number of additions and improvements as Prospectors are invited back to Fortuna III to fight for rare materials and powerful weapons You'll be getting new campaign missions, gear perks, a[...]
The Cycle: Frontier WiIl Launch A New Closed Beta This March
Developer and publisher Yager revealed that they will be holding another closed beta for The Cycle: Frontier, which they will launch in early March The team is taking on a bold project of mixing up PvE, PvP, and co-op gameplay together into this one, so in order to make sure all of it works well[...]
Indie Developer Yager Releases a New Trailer For Latest Game The Cycle
This week, German indie developer Yager released a fresh new trailer for their upcoming first-person shooter called The Cycle The game puts the player in a situation where they'll need to make alliances in order to complete quests, while others in the world are trying to do the same thing as anyone can attack anyone[...]
Dead Island 2 Has Lost Its Developer
Well this is disconcerting. Publisher Deep Silver have announced that they've dropped Yager as the developer on Dead Island 2 In a statement they said: With Dead Island 2, Deep Silver has always been dedicated to delivering the sequel that Dead Island fans deserve. After careful consideration, today we announce the decision to part ways with development partner Yager[...]