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The Cycle: Frontier Announces Plans For Season 3 Changes

The Cycle: Frontier will be getting a third season at the end of March, but with it comes changes that need to happen in the game.

Indie developer and publisher Yager revealed their plans for Season 3 of The Cycle: Frontier, which includes some pretty major changes. The team posted a brand new article and video with details of how they'll be going about adding content this time around and what you can expect to see. The biggest change, which we have the notes of below, is that the server will be getting one last mandatory wipe, setting everyone back to basics so they can implement everything without hiccups or power gaming. We got the video for you to check out below going over everything you'll expect before it launches on March 29th, 2023..

The Cycle: Frontier Announces Plans For Season 3 Changes
Credit: Yager

"If you're the kind of Prospector who's looking for long-term arrangements in their career, then we have some good news for you: Badum managed to pull a few strings and change how things tend to work around Prospect Station – which is a heck of a feat considering he's, y'know, a fictional character. You will only have the future to look towards as wipes become a thing of the past.   In other words, there will be no more mandatory server wipes after the release of Season 3. How's that for some barman influence?"

"Ah, you're the kind of Prospector who's made a few questionable choices in their career and would like to turn over a new leaf? Maybe you just want to prove the world over you can rise from rags to riches any time you want? Or perhaps you're just restless and looking for a new challenge? We understand, we really do. And we're surely not forgetting about you. With mandatory wipes out of the way, we are currently exploring options for personal, voluntary wipes. This would allow you to reset your progress on your own terms, when you feel ready for it, and start the adventure anew. This could be a great opportunity to experience future updates with a fresh pair of eyes or simply optimize your early game (somebody said speed runs?). We're also contemplating rewards for choosing to do so, but we'll get back to you on that once we figure out the right approach."

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