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For One Night Only, The USA Get A Showing Of 'Bill'
Bill, a comedy about Shakespeare's missing years tells the story of how he moved from being a member of a lutist boy band called Mortal Coil (he shuffled off, obviously) to becoming the world's greatest playwright, by way of a Catholic plot to kill the Queen. From the acting and writing troupe who brought Britain the utterly[...]
'Bill' Is My Favourite Film Of The Year – But It's Not Being Released In The USA
It was post Python and post Blackadder and it really worked. After the show finished, the writers and actors reunited to make the fantasy show Yonderland, which I've described to friends as Labyrinth made by Monty Python for the British audience of Doctor Who. But they had another project they were working on for BBC Films[...]
Yonderland, A British TV Series To Utterly Fall In Love With
So the cast and crew created a new show, for Sky TV, called Yonderland A fantasy series about Debbie, a mother of a normal English house who finds herself summoned as the Chosen One to sort out a fantasy land being threatened by evil Fitting into the Gulliver's Travels mode of allegory, she does so[...]
A List Of Recent-ish British TV On DVD And Stuff For Bleeding Cool's Boss
The Prime Minister episode may sicken but the Grain episode may actually seduce you, as it did me. Available on Region 2 DVD, series one and two. Yonderland I'll talk about Horrible Histories below But basically, when that ended, the cast and crew kept going with this self aware comedy fantasy for kids, with enough adult gags and[...]
First Trailer For New British Fantasy-Comedy Series, Yonderland
Jessy Williams writes for Bleeding Cool The first trailer for the new Sky One TV series Yonderland has been released online and showcases the kind of comedy we can expect from the show. The show follows Debbie, played by Martha Howe-Douglas, as she travels to Yonderland to fulfil a prophecy As expected, what she finds is far[...]