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Mulan Will Be Available for Free on Disney+....Eventually
The plot is a take-off of The Dirty Dozen, where Mulan's squad is killed off one-by-one until she and the prisoner face off against the Rouran warlord in the final, tedious, slow motion-laden sword fight. Mulan Legend can be streamed on iqiyi. "Mulan the Heroine" poster, Youku Mulan the Heroine, directed by Yi Lin and starring Liu Yongxi,[...]
"The Queen of Kung Fu" and the Alternate Universe of Chinese Streamers
China has three major streamers: Iqiyi, Youku, and Tencent, in the absence of YouTube, Netflix, or Hulu over there And these services are actually available online outside of China via their official websites To dip into them is to enter an alternate universe of Chinese movie and TV programming You get TV series of all[...]