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Woody Harrelson Is Being Eyed For Young Han Solo's Mentor
It also means we can start turning our heads to the Young Han Solo movie now too. It seems the film is on the verge of getting an important block in place too Variety are saying that Woody Harrelson is the top pick to play Han's mentor It's said this is still early stages, but right[...]
Donald Glover Says Lando Has To Learn To Be Cool In The Young Han Solo Movie
Billy Dee Williams really did bring something smooth to that universe that no other character had. It's something that isn't lost on Donald Glover, who is set to take on the role in the Young Han Solo movie In a round table talk with the likes of Jon Favreau and Lin-Manuel Miranda for The Hollywood Reporter,[...]
Alden Ehrenreich Talks About Chewbacca In The Young Han Solo Movie
We know that Lando will be part of the Young Han Solo movie thanks to Donald Glover's casting, so we can expect it to show off the frenemy relationship between him and Han. Of course, there is one other member of the entourage too, with Chewbacca set to return Speaking to Variety, Alden Ehrenreich talked about the character[...]
Code Name For New Young Han Solo Movie Revealed – But Does It Reveal More?
JediNews give us the nod. That the production code name for the Phil Lord and Christopher Miller "Young Han Solo" movie will use the code name Stannum 50 Labs. On the periodic table, the element stannum has the atomic number 50 Stannum is better known as Tin. JediNews speculates that this might refer to C-3PO or Boba Fett. I was wondering[...]