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The Karl Kerschl cover to Young Squadron #1, by Jim Zub and Steven Cummings, coming to comic stores from Marvel as part of the Heroes Reborn event on May 26th, 2021.
Marvel has released an unlettered preview of Young Squadron #1, a new book coming as part of Marvel's Heroes Reborn super-mega-crossover event, the latest super-mega-crossover event idea from back when The House of Idea actually had new ideas to be rehashed in the present because they don't have actual new ideas anymore Heroes Reborn: Young[...]
Heroes Reborn: Young Squadron #1 Cover Image.
Marvel?  And what if Sam Alexander was Kid Spectrum instead of Nova?  This is what Marvel wants you to wrap your head around as they introduce Heroes Reborn: Young Squadron #1, a new series that will be part of their Heroes Reborn event that will reimagine the Marvel Universe as one that the Avengers never existed in[...]