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Ziggurat Bringing More Data East Arcade Classics To PC
Ziggurat Interactive revealed today that they are working with 612GAMES to release 15 retro games from legendary developer Data East You can now play games from the company across their span in the '80s and '90s on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store like Heavy Barrel, Super BurgerTime, Joe & Mac – Caveman Ninja, Bad[...]
Ziggurat Launches Three Classic New World PC Games On GOG
Ziggurat decided to launch some classic New World Computing PC games onto GOG this week for old-school fans to play again The hit classic games from the once prominent company have been released as players can get their hands on Wetlands, Zephyr, and Planet's Edge All three are available exclusively on GOG's digital storefront for purchase, making them[...]
Ziggurat Launches Monthly Classic Game Program Retro First Friday
Ziggurat has revealed the next four retro video games they have released for Retro First Friday, with a couple of classics in the mix The four games you'll get to play this month are Battle Engine Aquila, Hunting Unlimited 2, Gunboat, and Steel Thunder All four of these games are available at a 33% discount on[...]
Ziggurat Launches Monthly Classic Game Program Retro First Friday
Ziggurat has officially launched a new monthly program to reintroduce classic video games to people called Retro First Friday On the first Friday of every month, the company will release a series of retro games from PC as a way of giving them new live and reintroducing them to people who may have forgotten them[...]
Sweet Release! Shovel Knight, Assassin's Creed Chronicles, Ziggurat, Pinball FX Age of Ultron, Mario Kart DS
Ziggurat  from Milkstone Studios is a first person shooter that dances the line between Serious Sam  and Wizardry The medieval styled FPS is closer in style to the fast paced and frantic shooting of Quake or the aforementioned Serious Sam, and doesn't take itself too seriously with enemies ranging from wizards and skeletons to evil carrots.  The magic themed shooter shares elements[...]