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Zoe Quinn Creates a New Character for Marvel Comics (Fearless #3 Spoilers)

Zoe Quinn Creates a New Character for Marvel Comics (Fearless #3 Spoilers)

And people could buy it, or not, as they chose.With issue #3 that included hiring game developer, comics writer and focus for gamergate hatred, Zoe Quinn, to write a Patsy Walker: Hellcat story Which is published today It may be just a short one-off story but it may have a greater impact.As Patsy Walker has[...]

Developers Jeremy Soule, Alec Holowka, Luc Shelton Accused of Sexual Assault

Game developers Jeremy Soule, Alec Holowka, and Luc Shelton have all been accused of sexual assault in the past 48 hours. Soule is best known for composing the score of Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, while Holowka is the co-creator of Night in the Woods. Shelton is a tools programmer for development studio Splash Damage, and worked on Gears […]

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Zoe Quinn and Phil Murphy to Create Addams Family Comic For IDW

it's alive...Mike Sangregorio reports for Bleeding Cool from the IDW panel at San Diego Comic-Con that Zoe Quinn, video game developer, and writer of DC Vertigo's Goddess Mode comic, will be writing an Addams Family one-shot comic for the publisher.Which is one way of announcing that IDW has the Addams Family license for comic books.Phil[...]

Vertigo's Goddess Mode, Hex Wives, Lucifer, High Level and Safe Sex Previewed at NYCC Panel

NYCC welcomed Ben Blacker (Hex Wives), Zoe Quinn (Goddess Mode), Dan Watters (Lucifer), Tina Horn (Safe Sex), Kat Howard (Books of Magic), Rob Sheridan (High Level) and Executive Editor of the Vertigo imprint Mark Doyle. [gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="926227,926228"]Dan Watters discussed his inspiration for the Lucifer story, specifically the character Decker who has a lot of[...]

Zoe Quinn's Gamergate Memoir To Become A Film

Deadline reports former Sony chief Amy Pascal has won the rights to the forthcoming book Crash Override: How To Save The Internet From Itself by Zoe Quinn.The book recounts Quinn's experiences when an internet mob targeted her last year As the site describes it, "bent on upending her life when a blog post by her[...]