Hugs and Screams for All! The Absolution Team Is Ready to Rumble

Since returning to RAW, Paige has been on a path of destruction in the women's roster. On last night's RAW, Bayley and Mickie James went after Paige and Mandy Rose. Sasha Banks and Sonya Deville were there for moral support.

I rather enjoy bad-girl Paige. I'm honestly new to Paige (as I've only started back with wrestling back in March), but I like what I see. She's a tough woman, and she knows how to work a mic. The women's roster needed a shakeup, so between Asuka and Absolution, we finally have something.

The match was good, but not great. Shockingly, Sonya meddled with the match, resulting in James getting taken out. It would be nice to see her win a match once in a while, as she's being made to look like a has-been. WWE Creative isn't exactly the best, so you can't blame James.

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