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WWE Suspends Their Women's Tag Team Champions "Indefinitely"
The talk of the wrestling world this week has been the backstage events that transpired at this past Monday's WWE Raw, where the Women's Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Naomi disagreed with plans for that night's main event they were to be featured in and the plans going forward and as such, handed over their title belts[...]
WWE SmackDown Recap 5/20: Who Are The Undisputed Tag Champions?
Butch up next on #SmackDown! — WWE (@WWE) May 21, 2022 Xavier Woods vs Butch An ok match that Butch is dominating, but Woods rolls him up with the Backwoods Inside Cradle for the pinfall. Winner: Xavier Woods After, as Woods is celebrating on the stage, he's assaulted by Sheamus, Ridge Holland, and Butch. We then get a backstage interview with Woods,[...]
Sasha Banks and Naomi Walked out on WWE Raw Main Event
Over the next few days, you are going to hear a lot of bad takes about how Sasha Banks and Naomi failed the fans and failed in their duties by choosing to walk out rather than participate in the booking of a WWE Raw main event they disagreed with These takes will come from fans[...]
Sasha Banks and Naomi Walked out on WWE Raw Main Event
Instantly creating a story more interesting than anything that's aired on WWE TV in years, Sasha Banks reportedly had a creative dispute with WWE and walked out ahead of the main event of WWE Raw, taking tag team partner Naomi with her The Women's Tag Team Champions were set to compete in a six-pack challenge[...]
WWE SmackDown Recap 5/13: Was It A Killer Friday The 13th Episode?
 Ouch! Sasha Banks & Naomi vs Natalya & Shayna Baszler – Women's Tag Team Championship Sasha Banks & Naomi vs Natalya & Shayna Baszler for the Women's Tag Team titles on SmackDown, courtesy of WWE. A decent enough match here, I'm just personally tired of seeing this group face each other week after week[...]
WWE SmackDown Recap 3/25:
 Also similar is the ending filled with shenanigans, as Angel hides under the ring and grabs Ricochet's foot, leading to him being counted out. Winner By Count-Out: Humberto Next, we go to a backstage interview with Sami Zayn, who takes joy in thinking of what he'll do to Johnny Knoxville at WrestleMania in their Anything Goes Match. We then go to[...]
SmackDown Recap 1/28: All That's Left Now Is The Royal Rumble
 They're all joined then by the returning Sasha Banks, who has been sidelined with an injury for weeks  Banks announces her entry in the Rumble match and slaps Flair  All of them start brawling then and we've got a donnybrook to open the show, which eventually sees Banks standing tall. can't be loaded because JavaScript is[...]
Sasha Banks Stars In College Football Championship Game Opening
WWE star Sasha Banks is currently sidelined with a foot injury for the next few weeks, but that doesn't mean fans won't be seeing her on their TVs tonight  The SmackDown superstar will be the lead in the opening video segment for the College Football National Championship Game tonight on ESPN  The football game, which will see the[...]
Sasha Banks Injured: The SmackDown Star Will Miss 6-8 Weeks
WWE just released some breaking news that one of their top SmackDown stars, multi-time Women's Champion Sasha Banks, has suffered a foot injury and will be out for the next six to eight weeks  This isn't surprising after her match with her longtime rival, SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair last Sunday night at a WWE Live event in Fayetteville, North[...]
Did Sasha Banks Get Injured At A WWE House Show Last Night?
 And yet, if video from a house show last night is any indication, they might be dealing with an injury to another of their top stars, this time in the form of SmackDown star Sasha Banks. Former Women's Champion Sasha Banks appeared to injure her leg in a match at a house show last night, courtesy of WWE. Sasha[...]
SmackDown Preview 11/19: Sasha Banks Seeks Revenge Against Shotzi
19, 2021 ( We now head backstage, where Shotzi and Sasha Banks are staring each other down and Sony Deville gets between them  Shotzi names all of Banks' faults as a person (she's not wrong either) and Banks responds with an egotistical rant (see above for the video)[...]
SmackDown Preview 11/19: Sasha Banks Seeks Revenge Against Shotzi
 Sasha Banks returned on SmackDown last week for the first time since being attacked by Shotzi (looks like the Blackheart portion of her name has been dropped now)  Since the attack, we've seen an all-new vicious attitude out of Shotzi and Banks is looking to put her in her place tonight. Sasha Banks vs Shotzi tonight on SmackDown,[...]
SmackDown Recap For 10/29-
 She brags about being great and the best and all the things you can imagine she often says about herself in real life to cause an incident like what happened last week to occur. She's cut-off by Sasha Banks, who gives her a reality check and says Flair isn't great and she instead holds the other women[...]
The Mandalorian offers new character portraits (Image: Disney+)
One of the most pleasant surprises of The Mandalorian was Mercedes Varnado (aka WWE's Sasha Banks), who played the right hand woman for Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) The multiple-time women's champion spoke to Bleacher Report while promoting her appearance for WWE's Crown Jewel about how her wrestling skills in the ring translated well to her[...]
Is There A Big Return Coming On Smackdown Tonight?
 And now it looks like tonight's episode of Smackdown will be no different, as Mike Johnson of PWInsider is reporting that former NXT, Raw, and Smackdown Women's Champion Sasha Banks will be returning to the ring tonight on Fox. A big star is reportedly returning on Smackdown tonight, courtesy of WWE. The return of Sasha Banks will surely boost an already facelifted Smackdown Women's roster,[...]