Adrenaline, In Our Souls, We'll Never Again Doubt Cody Rhodes

Last night, when we learned that Cody Rhodes had a torn pec but would wrestle in the main event match of Hell in a Cell in the titular match against Seth Rollins, we said, and we quote:

If Rhodes really is injured, then it's hard to imagine it being a good idea for him to compete in a main event Hell in a Cell match. Maybe WWE has a trick up its sleeve. Maybe a third entrant to enter the match and allow Cody to hang back and let others handle the physical labor?

Later that night, in writing a report on the Raw Women's Championship triple threat match, we added:

It's hard to imagine that Rollins vs. Rhodes will top the triple threat, especially with Rhodes injured.

Don't we look foolish today?

By now, you're well aware that Cody Rhodes did indeed have a torn pec. And Cody Rhodes did indeed compete in the Hell in a Cell match with Seth Rollins with a massive bruise covering half his torso. And Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins not only put on an all-time great Hell in a Cell match, but it was likely a career-making performance for Rhodes as well, winning over WWE fans and, if anyone in the locker room or management had any doubts, probably them as well.

Of course, doubting Cody Rhodes was foolish from the start, even under these extreme circumstances. When Cody Rhodes left WWE to become a star on his own, he proved all doubters wrong. When he and his friends sold out the United Center for All In, once again, he proved the doubters wrong. When AEW succeeded, due in part to Cody's contributions, he proved them wrong again. When Cody left AEW and returned to WWE and was not, as some people joked, immediately thrust back into the Stardust gimmick to be punished for his insolence with a lifetime in the midcard, one more time, Cody Rhodes proved his doubters wrong. And last night, well… that speaks for itself.

Cody Rhodes is Victorious at Hell in a Cell

Cody Rhodes will now undergo surgery and be out of action until probably the Royal Rumble. Is anyone stupid enough to doubt that he will do exactly what he claimed when he first came to WWE by winning the Royal Rumble and going on to challenge and defeat Roman Reigns at WrestleMania? Thanks to last night's match, and the performance of Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins, and the generosity with which Rollins put Rhodes over, that outcome seems more certain than ever.

There's not much more to say than to wish Cody a speedy recovery, but as a bonus, here are the alternate headlines we came up with before ultimately deciding on the one we used for this article:

  • Seth Rollins May Be Wrestling Jesus But Cody Rhodes Died for Our Sins
  • Cody Rhodes Borrows Pedigree, Sledgehammer, Muscle-Tearing Gimmick from Triple H
  • Cody Rhodes Skirts WWE No Blading Rule by Bleeding from the Inside
  • Cody Rhodes Finally Figures Out How to Draw Attention Away From That Neck Tattoo
  • Cody Rhodes' Pec Reattaches Itself Out of Respect for Hell in a Cell Match
  • Cody Rhodes Thinks He's the Best Wrestler in the World… And Maybe He's Right

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