AEW Announces Signing of Jade Cargill

Following her appearance on Dynamite last night as a herald of Shaq, AEW has announced they've signed Jade Cargill to a contract. Unusually for the company, which usually makes these sorts of announcements via a Twitter post with a graphic that says "[INSERT WRESTLER HERE] is All Elite," AEW made this announcement via press release. Awww! Does that mean our wittle wrestling company is all grown up?! It happens so fast. Where does the time go?!


Below, see the press release announcing Cargill's signing:

November 12, 2020 – AEW today announced a multi-year deal with rising wrestling sensation Jade Cargill, who made an electric debut last night on AEW DYNAMITE.

During last night's live show on TNT, Cody Rhodes was speaking about wanting another shot at MJF when he was dramatically interrupted by Jade, who proceeded to run down Cody's "Giant Killer" moniker. She revealed that she knows a real giant, none other than Shaq. Cody's wife, Brandi Rhodes, then stormed into the ring to defend her husband's honor.

"I joined AEW because here I have a voice," said Jade. "I'm ready to shake up the women's division, and I'm going to flip this promotion on its head."

Jade, who played basketball at Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, Fla., brings a high level of athleticism and intensity to the AEW women's division. With her background as a professional trainer and explosive demeanor on the mic, Jade is poised to make a powerful impression inside and outside the ring.

"We're committed to expanding the AEW women's division by signing great athletes," said Tony Khan, CEO and GM of AEW. "Jade is an amazing athlete, and she's an exciting addition to our women's roster. I'm confident that fans will enjoy getting to know Jade's strong personality and watching her development as a wrestler after her surprising confrontation with Cody and Brandi Rhodes last night on Dynamite."

Jade Cargill debuts on AEW Dynamite (Photo: All Elite Wrestling)
Jade Cargill debuts on AEW Dynamite (Photo: All Elite Wrestling)

So Jade Cargill shows up on Dynamite to herald Shaq's coming to Cody Rhodes. So that means Shaq is Galactus in this scenario, Cargill is the Silver Surfer, and Cody Rhodes is… Mister Fantastic? Fantastic Four Horsemen revival confirmed!!!

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