AEW Dynamite – MJF Wants to Join the Inner Circle… Maybe

In the first part of our AEW Dynamite report, the Best Friends commit video game abuse, and Chris Jericho challenges MJF to a steak dinner. Welcome to Bleeding Cool's Wednesday Night Wars report, covering AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT. We watch four hours of wrestling every Wednesday, so you don't have to! You're welcome.

The official logo for AEW Dynamite on TNT
The official logo for AEW Dynamite on TNT

AEW Dynamite Report for October 14th, 2020 Part 1

Jim Ross, who's really leaning into the Horny Jim gimmick lately, welcomes us to the one-year anniversary edition of AEW Dynamite. Excalibur and Tony Schiavone are on commentary too. Their horniness level is unknown at this time. Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian are playing an arcade game at ringside. Best Friends and FTR are in the ring. Tully Blanchard is at ringside. A rocks glass full of Baileys is in my hand. Justin Roberts makes the introductions for an AEW Tag Team Championship match.

Best Friends vs. FTR – Seven Minutes in Heaven Match (I think that's what it's called)

  • Both teams are wearing matching outfits (in FTR's case, Tully's outfit also coordinates). In the era of singles wrestlers randomly thrown together into tag teams, it's refreshing.
  • Best Friends are hot off that parking lot brawl from a few weeks ago with Santana and Ortiz, easily their best match in AEW. But I don't see FTR dropping the belts so suddenly in a Dynamite opening match, so I fear Best Friends fans are in fr disappointment tonight.
  • Though Best Friends start off strong, it's FTR that dominates the majority of this match, in particular Trent.
  • Chuck gets a hot tag and clears the ring, but Tully trips him on a suplex. Trent is distracted, and FTR tries to double-suplex him, but Trent comes in and catches Chuck. Cool sequence.
  • Best Friends hit Soul Food/Half and Half on Cash Wheeler, but Wheeler kicks out, and then FTR returns to the "beat the crap out of Trent" strategy that served them well for the first half of the match.
  • This keeps up for a while until we get chaos in the ring and the match eventually spills outside and into the crowd area where Sabian and Ford were playing an arcade game. They toss Trent into the cabinet, breaking it, which causes Sabian to send Ford to tell on them to Miro.
  • FTR brings Trent back into the ring, where he sells the arcade cabinet like he's dead. But Chuck interrupts Midnight Express and gets tagged in. In the ensuing scuffle, after many shenanigans, Wheeler manages to hit Chuck in the head with the tag belts while the ref isn't looking, and Harwood gets the pin.

Good opening match. Despite knowing damn well FTR wasn't losing here, they still managed to forget that a few times. Tully and FTR's convoluted brand of cheating is frustrating in the best way. After the match, Miro comes out and beats the crap out of Best Friends for breaking his arcade game (though really it was FTR's fault). Miro looks way better here than he did in his debut match. He's probably fired up after his wife's main-evented Raw and viewership increased by 200,000.

Dynamite takes a quick commercial break, and when it returns, Miro and Sabian are fighting Sean Maluta and Lee Johnson in a squash match.

Miro and Kip Sabian vs. Sean Maluta and Lee Johnson – Squash Match

  • It's a squash match.
  • Miro wins with the Accolade.

Sabian cuts a promo. Best Friends have gone too far and destroyed his most prized possession. Rusev takes the mic and yells in Bulgarian. "Good friends, you break my shit. Game over." But before we can even absorb all this…

Backstage, Lance Archer is beating the crap out of Jon Moxley in a hallway while Jake the Snake talks trash. He leaves Moxley laid out in a way we rarely see in AEW.

Horny Jim, Tony, and Excalibur tell us the Full Fear World Title Eliminator Tournament starts next week. The finals will happen at Full Gear in November. Presumably, it will be Hangman Page and Kenny Omega, who are on opposite sides of the bracket. Dynamite takes another commercial break.

MJF comes out with Wardlow. He berates the crowd for booing him and calls them losers. MJF says he's a top. And he's here to stay on top. MJF introduces Chris Jericho, who is coming out to hear MJF's "groundbreaking announcement." Jericho comes out. He looks like he laid off the bear a little bit this weekend, and he's got something resembling abs again. The Inner Circle is with him. The crowd is singing along. I, too, would risk coronavirus to see Chris Jericho live. I'm not gonna lie.

MJF tells the crowd they were all off-key. Before he gets started, he points out that Sammy has his Inner Circle jacket now. Sammy doesn't want to put it on. Jericho insists. Sammy puts it on, and it's way too large. MJF says it fits like a glove and calls Sammy "little buddy."

Speaking of fit, MJF points out Jericho's physique and his hair. He says the crowd are balding, so they can't relate, but MJF wants to touch Jericho's hair. After some debate, Jericho allows it. MJF touches Jericho's hair. "Hoo hoo!" he says. "Smooth as a baby's bottom."

Jericho tells MJF to "cut the shit." He wants to know what his proclamation that's gonna shake the world is. MJF says he's sensing hostility, and he doesn't want that. He says, "I can keep it real, homie, right Proud and Powerful?" MJF says he and Jericho are the biggest ratings draws in AEW. That's why Jericho is the Demo God, and if he's the Demo God, MJF is "the Ratings Ruler, baby." The crowd boos. MJF says it went over their head.

MJF says he and Jericho have been on top of their games since AEW started, but somehow, they've never wrestled each other. MJF says there's a reason why when Jericho turns on his television to watch Animal Planet– Jericho interrupts and says he hates Animal Planet. MJF says, just imagine you're watching animals on TV. You would never see two piranhas eating each other. That's because they have mutual respect. MJF says he and Jericho are predators. But their prey is adapting, and they need to adapt too if they want to stay on top. They've been great separate, but what if they worked together.

MJF tries to say he wants to join the Inner Circle, but he keeps stopping himself before completing the sentence. Finally, he gets it out. He wants to join the Inner Circle. Santana grabs the mic. He says he gets that MJF is trying to play out a childhood fantasy, and they don't want him in the Inner Circle. But Jericho interrupts. He says the Inner Circle will make their decision as a family and challenges MJF to meet him next week, one on one, for a… steak dinner. MJF accepts the challenge. Funny segment.

Our AEW Dynamite report continues in part two. Click down below to read it.

This post is part of a multi-part series: Wednesday Night Wars for October 14th, 2020.

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