"AEW Dynamite": More Great Wrestling, Compelling Stories [REVIEW]

TNT's AEW Dynamite opened this week and jumped right into the action. With Kenny Omega, and Tony Schiavone, announcing through the night — save for when Cody was in a match — we had another good week of wrestling.

"AEW Dynamite": More Great Wrestling, Compelling Stories [REVIEW]


Cody and Kenny Havoc had the first match of the evening. It was a high energy match, with a lot of solid technical work. This was a great match to further along the storyline between The Inner Circle and The Elite. The two untalized the entire set, including the tunnel and announcers table. Cody honestly appeared to have the upper hand, but Havoc was able to keep up. Cody took the win for this match.

We then jumped into a recorded promo from Jake The Snake Roberts, who had a message for Cody. Roberts spoke on behalf of Lace Archer, who wants a match with Cody. It was a good promo, and it looks like Cody has a lot on his plate.

Kip Sabian and Darby Allin had the second match of the night. These guys aren't the biggest in the company, but what they lack in size they make up for in athleticism. Darby Allin won the match with an impressive leg lock. We then got a recap of Jake Hager coming in and just cleaning house on everyone — which gave us his match against Chico Adams. I will give AEW a massive shout out for giving up and comers a platform. That is incredibly important, especially right now. Hager made quick work of Adams, but Adams did at least get a few hits in. Jon Moxley came out next to get into a scuffle with Hager.

Moxley cut a passionate promo, letting us know that he is 100% cleared and ready to wrestle again. We got a recorded promo of The Dark Order with Brodie Lee bossing his minions around, not allowing them to eat dinner. Lee is really something else in this promo. The promo itself is a step above what any other wrestling promotion is doing right now. It almost feels theatrical in nature. Production should be proud of themselves.

Lee had his first match against QT Marshall tonight. Lee looked powerful, strong, and wildly indimadating through the match. Lee has always been a good worker, but now we can see him be a good wrestler. We got a recap of last week's match between The Inner Circle against The Elite, where Matt Hardy made his AEW debut. I personally think Hardy will do incredible things in AEW, and we should all be excited that he's here.

Sammy Guevara and Kenny Omega were next, with Omega's AAA Championship on the line. Guevara moves very smoothly in the ring, as if he was born to do this. But Omega is also incredible in the ring. This match was fluid and almost poetic. Omega took the win.

Also, shout out to Austin Gunn. Glad to see you getting some form of TV time.

Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy had the last spot of the evening. I just need to put this out there — I want Jericho's jacket. It's so amazing. Vanguard, a hover drone, joined Jericho in the ring. And in true Jericho fashion, he cut a promo on the drone. Jericho offered a spot in The Inner Circle to the drone, who flew away — likely saying 'No' in his little robotic brain. Production cleverly used some holograms to "teleport" Hardy to the ring, adding to the mystical factor. This was a great promo to end the show with.

AEW has been getting their shows right week after week. This isn't an easy time for anyone, but AEW is really giving it their all.

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