AEW Dynamite Recap – Hangman Page Circles His Destiny

On AEW Dynamite last night, Hangman Page went through Wardlow for a shot at his former tag team partner Kenny Omega at Full Gear. We'll tell you all about it right here in part one of The Shovel: Wednesday Night Wars Edition covering AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT. Tonight is a special Halloween Havoc episode of NXT, and we're just two weeks away from AEW Full Gear.

I'm Jude Terror. This is The Shovel: Wednesday Night Wars Edition, a form of self-punishment where I watch four straight hours of Wrestling on a Wednesday Night and pay tribute to them with the highest art form available to the wrestling "journalist": the TV recap. I watch AEW first and NXT after, and this will be a series of six posts published on Thursday morning because… well, look, I don't get paid by the word. I get paid by the article. You can find the navigation right before the logo below and also at the bottom of the page.

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The Shovel - Weekly TV Recaps of WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, Impact Wrestling, AEW Dynamite, and WWE NXT [Photo: Shutterstock]
The Shovel – Weekly TV Recaps of WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, Impact Wrestling, AEW Dynamite, and WWE NXT [Photo: Shutterstock]

AEW Dynamite Recap for October 28th, 2020 Part 1

Dasha talks to MJF and Wardlow. She asks Wardlow how it feels to be in the tournament and possibly become champ. MJF interrupts and explains that Wardlow is under contract to him, so if Wardlow wins the championship, he'll have to give it to MJF. Sammy Guevara walks up and tells off MJF for being a jerk. MJF is like, "what's wrong, little guy?" He offers Sammy a not on his promos: "don't." He says Sammy looks like he sells Adderal to middle schoolers. He asks what MJF is gonna do about it. Sammy punks him down.

Wardlow goes to the ring with MJF at his side. This is a semi-final match in the Eliminator Tournament, the winner of which will get a shot at the AEW Championship. But really, the point of this tournament is to have Hangman Page fight Kenny Omega in the finals at Full Gear. And so, Hangman Adam Page, who recently donated $4.20 to Bernie Sanders, comes to the ring.

Wardlow vs. Hangman Adam Page – Eliminator Tournament Semi-Final

Remember when Hangman Page was in the match to decide the first AEW Champion with Chris Jericho, and he wasn't really ready yet? Well, Hangman Page is ready now.

But right now, he's getting tossed around the ring by Wardlow. But Page is scrappy. Wardlow catches him on a diving crossbody outside the ring to the floor, but Page wriggles out and pushes Wardlow into the ring post. But Wardlow gets up, and spears Page through the guardrail. Wardlow gets back in the ring and waits for a count-out.

Page gets back in and eats a powerslam. Wardlow beats Page down, but Page just won't stay down for the count. He's too plucky; plus, it's not in the script. Eventually, Wardlow misses a diving Senton off the top turnbuckle, and now it's time for the cowboy comeback. Page hits a clothesline, but Wardlow barely moves. Another and Wardlow knocks him down this time. Page fires back with punches, lands on his feet off a German Suplex, and clotheslines Wardlow out of the ring.

Page hits a moonsault onto Wardlow on the floor. Both men make it back inside. Page hits a running shooting star press for two. Then Wardlow reverses the Buckshot Lariat and gets two of his own. Wardlow hits an F-10. It would be over, but Page rolls out of the ring. Wardlow pulls him to the top turnbuckle and wants to hit another F-10 off the second rope, but Page battles back. Page hits a half suplex, half fallaway slam off the top. Then the Buckshot Lariat. Then another Buckshot Lariat. That's all, folks.

Winner: Hangman Adam Page

We knew Page was winning here, but the way the match was booked made Wardlow look really tough too. Not only would he have had the match won if Page didn't roll out of the ring on that F-10, but Wardlow didn't even leave his feet on the first Buckshot Lariat and needed a second to take the pin.

Page chugs a beer in the ring to celebrate his victory. Commentary, who are Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone tonight, talks about tonight's stacked card. Then Jon Moxley cuts a (prerecorded) promo. He talks about how he's been defending the AEW World Championship as a matter of business, but his match at Full Gear against Eddie Kingston is personal. Of course, Moxley believes he's winning this one. He quotes the Wu-Tang Clan: "Protect your neck, Eddie."

Eddie Kingston comes out with The Butcher, The Blade, and The Bunny, just in time for a commercial break. Kingston complains about Moxley not being here tonight. He says he's sick of talking and wants to fight, but since Moxley is a coward, Kingston is gonna fight Matt Sydal instead. Kingston brings up never being eliminated from the Casino Battle Royal. Lance Archer, who won that match, is seen watching from the stands with Jake the Snake. Matt Sydal comes out.

Matt Sydal vs. Eddie Kingston

I still have beef with Matt Sydal from when he was Evan Bourne in WWE, even though that was like fifteen years ago. My beef: he has only one facial expression: happy to be here. He has a resting smile face, and it makes me crazy. That said, they do have a damn good match. I spend the whole thing eating chicken wings. Kingston uses Moxley's bulldog choke to make Sydal tap out.

Excalibur talks with The Young Bucks and, in a separate location, FTR and Tully Blanchard. Matt Jackson has an ankle injury, but he doesn't care, and he'll be at Full Gear for this match. Excalibur asks FTR why they'd put this dream match in jeopardy. Dax Harwood says being the AEW Tag Team Champions is more important than a dream match, and the winner at Full Gear will be the best tag team in the world.

Excalibur talks about Matt and Nick's bratty behavior lately. Matt says, sometimes good people do bad things. He knows what they've been doing is out of character, but they don't regret it. Something has been missing from their career the past year, and when FTR started messing with their lives, it brought back the old Young Bucks. Matt says he doesn't even like the way he feels, but it is what it is.

Excalibur has more questions for the Bucks. FTR gets butthurt about that and walks out. The Bucks say they're two self-made, poor kids from California who taught themselves how to wrestle. They succeeded because they bet on themselves, and that's why they're putting it all on the line at Full Gear. If they don't win the titles, they'll never challenge for them ever again. Dynamite takes a commercial break.

Who else will get butthurt tonight? Well, there's a town hall coming up next, so click through to part two of this AEW Dynamite recap.


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