AEW Promises Mystery Participant for Double or Nothing Ladder Match

AEW has revealed the final two competitors for the upcoming Casino Ladder Match at Double or Nothing. Sort of. One of the competitors is Luchasaurus, but the other is listed as "Mystery Participant" in hopes of creating interest in the PPV from people expecting a new addition to the AEW roster to show up.  Could it be one of the recently released wrestlers from WWE?

Mystery Participant is the final addition to the Casino Ladder Match at AEW Double or Nothing.
Mystery Participant is the final addition to the Casino Ladder Match at AEW Double or Nothing.

It's true that WWE did release a lot of talent last month, part of cost-cutting measures made despite the company boasting of massive cash reserves and releasing a financial report the next week showing they are on track for record profits. However, most if not all of the talent released would have non-compete clauses preventing them from wrestling for another company until the clause expires. That means that anyone released from the main roster is likely not the mystery participant in AEW's Casino Ladder Match because they would have 90-day non-compete clauses. However, NXT talent were reportedly released with 30-day non-compete clauses, meaning they could theoretically show up at Double or Nothing.

In addition, stars whose contracts expired, like Drew Gulak, who parted ways with WWE on Saturday after wrestling on Smackdown the night before, would not be subject to non-compete clauses and could show up. Likewise, wrestlers who have not been under WWE contract for some time could return for the match in AEW. Yes, even Sting, though that would be highly unlikely (and inadvisable given the state of his body). StTill, stranger things have happened. It could also be a current AEW star, though most would likely view making the final participant a mystery and then revealing someone already on the roster as a letdown.

Luchasaurus and the mystery participant join Darby AllinColt CabanaOrange Cassidy, Rey FenixScorpio SkyKip Sabian, and Frankie Kazarian in the Double or Nothing Casino Ladder Match. The winner will earn a shot at the AEW Championship. AEW Double or Nothing will air on PPV on Saturday, May 23rd.

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