Arrow/Teen Wolf: Colton Haynes Shares New Details on Series Departures

To be a part of one popular franchise is impressive enough, but to be part of two elevates you to a special place within Geekdom. Colton Haynes holds such an honor, having played Jackson Whittemore on MTV's Teen Wolf as well as Roy Harper aka Arsenal on The CW's Arrow. With Haynes returning to Teen Wolf for Paramount+, MTV Entertainment Studios & MGM/Orion Television's revival film (expected to premiere later this year), now seemed like the perfect time for Haynes to drop Miss Memory Lane: A Memoir. In the book, Haynes addressed departing both series while also offering some interesting details.

ARROW/TEEN WOLF (Image: The CW/Paramount Global)

"Teen Wolf": Addressing reports that Haynes and the network had reached an impasse on a new contract, the actor clarified that it came down to pay (not the first time we've heard this). "The real truth was that they didn't want to pay me the same amount as everyone else, which wasn't a lot to begin with by Hollywood standards, even though my working quote—the fee I would be paid to appear on anyone else's show—was higher than most of the cast's," Haynes explained in the book. But Haynes makes a point of not putting all of the blame at the network's feet. "It didn't help that I was represented by a team of people who made the 'Teen Wolf' production's life a living hell," Haynes continued. "So in order to get back at my team, the production refused to pay me the standard salary."

"Arrow": Having been a part of The CW's Arrowverse's foundational show for seven seasons, fans were surprised to learn that Haynes would only be returning for the eighth & final season on a limited basis. "I had walked away from my full-time job on 'Arrow' at the beginning of the year, supposedly because my contract had ended, but it was really because I was too depressed and I couldn't stand working with one of my cast mates," the actor also revealed in his memoir.

In Teen Wolf: The Movie, a full moon rises in Beacon Hills, and with it, a terrifying evil has emerged. The wolves are howling once again, calling for the return of banshees, were-coyotes, hellhounds, kitsunes, and every other shapeshifter in the night. But only a werewolf like Scott McCall (Posey), no longer a teenager yet still an alpha, can gather both new allies and reunite trusted friends to fight back against what could be the most powerful and deadliest enemy they've ever faced.

The returning cast includes Tyler Posey as Scott McCall, Holland Roden as Lydia Martin, Shelley Hennig as Malia Tate, Crystal Reed as Allison Argent, Orny Adams as Coach Bobby Finstock, Linden Ashby as Sheriff Noah Stilinski, JR Bourne as Chris Argent, Seth Gilliam as Dr. Alan Deaton, Colton Haynes as Jackson Whittemore, Ryan Kelley as Deputy Jordan Parrish, Melissa Ponzio as Melissa McCall, Dylan Sprayberry as Liam Dunbar, Ian Bohen as Peter Hale, Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale, Khylin Rhambo as Mason Hewitt, Vince Mattis as Eli Hale, Derek's 15-year-old son; Nobi Nakanishi as Deputy Ishida, and Amy Lin Workman as Hikari Zhang.

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