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By the time the credits rolled on last week's episode of Vince Gilligan & Peter Gould's Bob Odenkirk & Rhea Seehorn-starring Better Call Saul, viewers were left with two major takeaways. First, we finally witnessed Walt's (Bryan Cranston) & Jesse's (Aaron Paul) roles in the spinoff prequel, and now we have an entirely different perspective on Breaking Bad S02E08 "Better Call Saul" when we watch it. But perhaps the bigger surprise? Not only is Kim (Seehorn) still alive in the "Gene" (Odenkirk) timeline, but she's also apparently associated with Palm Coast Sprinklers in Titusville, Florida. Now that's important because the business's sign was the basis for this episode's official key art (see below). That brings us to our look at this week's episode (S06E12 "Waterworks"), part of which we know will be set in the "Gene" timeline as he looks to clean up a scam being pulled on a cancer patient (Kevin Sussman). But we also saw a lead-up to Saul visiting Walt at the school where the latter teaches- and none of that seems to connect to seeing Kim this week. And yet, that makes it feel like we're going to get more than we expected. So with that in mind, I'm throwing on the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign and throwing down an image spoiler buffer before we do a deep dive into Gilligan's final "Breaking Bad" universe written & directed episode.

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"Better Call Saul" S06E12 "Waterworks": Random Thoughts & Observations:

Okay, while this might not be the most profound way to start? We're really hoping that "Waterworks" isn't meant to describe just how badly our "feels" are going to take a beating this week (yes, I'm arching an eyebrow and glaring at you, Vince Gilligan).

The episode begins with Saul bouncing a ball off the wall of his office when Francesca (Tina Parker) calls, trying to find out why he's not seeing clients. Wow, that pillar falling on his desk has ten tons of symbolism about the "pillars" of justice falling upon Saul… maybe?

And now we know why… Saul is staring at the legal documents dissolving his marriage with Kim… ouch.

Wait… at the end of the opening credits video… was someone there on the videotape?

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit! We're seeing Kim Wexler in the "Gene" timeline! After watching a "heated debate" about mayonnaise and Miracle Whip, we quickly see that Kim's living in what appears to be "domesticated hell." Everything is plain… slow… boring… vanilla. Even the sex. But is this what Kim wants… or wanted at the time?

The scenes of Kim brushing her teeth and sleeping in bed were heart-crushers without Jimmy there.

Those of you tracking the meaning behind Kim's hair over the past five previous seasons will have a field day with this episode.

We're witnessing Kim at work at Palm Coast Sprinklers, which is just as bland and generic as her personal life. And extra points to us for mentioning "vanilla" before it got dropped here.

"Victor St. Clair on Line 3": So we're seeing "The Phone Call" from Kim's perspective, as she closes the shades on her office and stares at the phone with dread. Jimmy called to catch up and then almost seemed to brag about not getting caught.

"You should turn yourself in." Kim to Jimmy, and it does not go well. Jimmy lashes back that Kim should turn herself in, rolling off the names that are "in the ground."

"I'm glad you're alive.": Kim to Jimmy before hanging up. From there, she attends a birthday party at the office… but I can't help but wonder if Kim can let go of that call. I have this ton of dread in my stomach that she won't be able to do that.

Wow… so about that "Alaska" sign…

Kim has gone to see Cheryl Hamlin (Sandrine Holt), and she's delivered a full confession about what Jimmy and she did to Howard (Patrick Fabian), including details on how he was killed by Lalo (Tony Dalton) and how Howard's death was set up to look like a suicide.

"He was at the wrong place at the wrong time." – Kim to Cheryl, regarding why Howard was murdered. Kim also reveals that she turned over her statement to the DA, but she believes they won't prosecute because there's no physical evidence and with everything else surrounding the "Walter White" case.

Seehorn gets all of the Emmys for her breakdown scene on the bus, as we witness the floodgates of her conscience coming breaking open and she realizes the weight of what she and Jimmy have done.

better call saul
Bob Odenkirk as Gene – Better Call Saul _ Season 6, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Back to Gene, as we see him break into the house that we saw him outside of during the last episode. And knowing now how the call went with Kim, we know that he's not in a good mood. We're watching Gene go through the motions of photographing his mark's personal & financial info before Jeff (Pat Healy) arrives to pick him up… but Gene's delaying? It's almost as if he wants to get caught… even as he helps himself to some of his mark's finer stuff. Looks like someone's having flashbacks to a life he once had as well as a life he could've had.

Are those the cops pulling up behind Jeff… like in the promo? Uh-oh…

Meanwhile, Gene is trapped in the house because the mark's awake. Thankfully, he passes back out before Gene has to hit him with an urn. But guess what? Those were the cops that pulled up behind Jeff… but while Jeff and Gene are sweating it out, the cops are debating fish tacos.

Holy crap! Jeff hit the panic button and just crashed his cab, and that's who the cops are walking towards in the promo. Gene had better hope that Jeff has a black belt in improv because crawling out of a wrecked cab is not a great start.

We're back during the "saul" timeline, watching Saul and Kim sign their divorce papers. Kim looks around the office, almost realizing that Jimmy finally achieved their vision of "Saul." Interesting that Kim didn't take her cut from the Sandpiper case.

Kim looking around before walking out… especially when Francesca closed the door… had such a heartbreaking finality to it.

Oh shit! A Kim & Jesse Pinkman moment smoking cigarettes.

Jesse starts talking to her about the rain before realizing that he recognizes her as a lawyer who helped one of his friends. Jesse appreciates how "slick" Kim was at getting him off and then asks Kim if Saul is the "real deal." Jesse isn't so sure of Saul because of his commercials and how he represents himself.

"This guy? Any good?: Jesse to Kim / "When I knew him, he was.": Kim to Jesse before Kim walks off in the rain.

Better Call Saul S06E12 "Waterworks" Recap:
BETTER CALL SAUL (Image: Screencap)

So now, Gene waits to see if his life will be behind bars or having to start a new life. Grabbing a bus to his car, he makes his way home and fixes himself a drink. And waits. While trying to conjure that old "Saul magic" to get the phone to ring. And it does…

Yup, Jeff's been arrested because the mark flagged down the police, and now he's being charged with robbery along with the accident. And that was Saul talking on the phone, "fixing" that situation. From there, Gene calls Marion (Carol Burnett) to let her know what happened. Uh-oh… Marion has her suspicions after Gene dropped the "Albuquerque" mention and asks why Jeff called Gene first.

Gene shows up at Marion's, but she doesn't let him in because she has her headphones on with her laptop. She's hesitant to go with him to bail out Jeff, and we learn why. It turns out Marion has been screening "Saul Goodman" commercials and now realizes that "Gene" is actually Saul Goodman, aka Jimmy McGill. It almost looks like Gene is going to kill her to keep her quiet, but there's something in her "trust" comment that backed him off.

But not Marion, because the police now know that "Gene" is Saul Goodman… and now, Saul's on the run!

Wow! So with that, we wait anxiously for next week's series finale, the Gould-written & directed "Saul Gone"– see you then!

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