Big Brother Season 23 E06 Recap: Too Many Alliances Spoil The Veto

The sixth episode of Big Brother season 23 saw the fallout and serious moments from the nominations, an intense veto competition, and big choices from houseguests. Spoilers are plentiful and heading your way…so turn back now if you don't want surprises and instead read my past article regarding Kyland's nominations this season of Big Brother. The reaction from Britini was swift and strong amongst her teammates, confused and tearful she was seeking answers for her nomination. Partly you feel for her, but on the other hand her dedication to Frenchie, even throughout his rants and odd behavior, would be concerning to any HOH. The obvious target was on Frenchie's back.

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In this episode of Big Brother, people continued to discuss the concerns over promises made by Frenchie and then quickly broken or organized differently behind their backs. The one good part of the aftermath came from Kyland's behavior, but he has some right in his suspicion of Frenchie's promise to use any veto won on Britini instead of himself. Britini needs to realize at some point that Frenchie won't always be there for her as a teammate, and later he may be a bigger enemy than a friend. It's interesting to see how different the houseguests are seeing alliances on Big Brother, allowing themselves to step into multiple at a time without acknowledgment of tension or future trouble.

In the downtime between discussions about Frenchie, we got to see fun moments in the Big Brother house and possible showmances? At least a possible showmance between Brent and Hannah might be happening based on some flirting in the yard's hammock. And while some relax, Frenchie becomes an even looser cannon. None of his alliances share a trust with him that it is all real. "Too many cooks in the kitchen" can be used in this instance when looking at the random alliances made and torn down…typically by Frenchie himself. He acts aware yet in this episode, it can be seen that is not the truth at all. In an attempt to bring some light energy to everything, the houseguests attempt to help Alyssa have a fun birthday in the Big Brother house. Before they knew it though it was time for the veto competition.

Those involved in this Big Brother veto competition would first be Frenchie & Britini (since they are nominated). Next came Alyssa, Claire, and Derek X who were picked from the bag by a blind draw. And finally, Kyland the HOH would be the final one to be included in the game. The veto competition involved random amounts of tan lotion (realistically filled with water, not lotion) being squirted from large bottles, with the houseguest running around in attempts to catch some with their bucket. They then would take the bucket to a tube to fill it up and grab the plastic whistle, and in the end, it depends on the quickest time that wins that golden veto. Each contestant found a different strategy, from using their own body or looking for a routine from the bottles themselves.

In the end, the person with the quickest time was Derek X. Kyland's confidence in that win was obvious. Derek X will now have the power of veto, and it looks like a good thing for keeping Frenchie on the block. Frenchie obviously shed many emotions when he learned of his loss. Azah's attempt at a pep talk was good, but not much can bring Frenchie out into a fighting spirit. Derek F may have been able to help lift things, but who knows if it ends up worth it or what angle Frenchie could present in his defense. In the veto meeting, Derek X ended up deciding not to use the power of veto on Britini or Frenchie. The live eviction ceremony and next HOH competition take place tonight at 8 PM EST on CBS. Let us know in the comments who you hope leaves the Big Brother house!

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