Big Brother Season 23 E05 Recap: Wild Card Tests Their Loyalty, Memory

The targets can't seem to get off of certain houseguests' backs and it results in a crazy nomination ceremony for Kyland on this fifth episode of CBS' Big Brother. Spoilers are plentiful and heading your way…so turn back now if you don't want surprises and instead read my past article regarding the first eviction on this season of Big Brother. The Head of Household competition was rough waters but it was nothing compared to the next wild card competition to follow an even wilder nomination. Drama followed the two bold votes for Alyssa to be evicted that were made by Tiffany and Derek F. Tiffany made the decision because of a request from Frenchie, while Derek F made his decision on a whim…not entirely smart if it's not expected. 

Big Brother Season 23 E05 Recap: Loyalty & Memory Tested At Wild Card
Photo: CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Frenchie is digging himself another hole as he compromises possible information on how he asked Tiffany to vote. Because of this, Tiffany warns Kyland of the potential trouble with Frenchie and any trust someone could have in him. The moment when everyone gathered to see Kyland's HOH room and read the letter from his mom, I honestly almost started crying from how awesome the moment was. Afterward, Azah and Tiffany's conversation about Frenchie needing to be on the block was accurate and also hilarious how they acted as consoling one another when someone entered the room.

 The Big Brother wild card competition came up and teams went in to decide who they'd send. The jokers sent in Frenchie, the kings sent in Sarah Beth, and the aces sent in Brent by draw from the bag by Kyland. Frenchie and Kyland had a discussion in the HOH room before the competition and the tension was obvious. More and more Frenchie sounded threatening and paranoid, which was partially correct on his part to be that way but it went to the extreme, even poor Brent got bamboozled. A lot of the tension was coming directly from Frenchie and Whitney decided to call it out in a talk with him.

Not much worked, Whitney felt very thrown off and Brent felt like Frenchie wanted him to throw the competition. The wild card competition involved a game of an "immersive art experience", truly testing a houseguest on their memory answering a question based on the painting they see each round. After each round, the one who either got it correct or was the fastest out of the three was splattered with paint themselves. Sarah Beth came out strong, with that attention to detail she mentioned helped her a ton with the images and colors. 

The wild card decision for Sarah Beth comes at a price for her safety. To keep the guarantee that winning the wild card holds, she would then have to permanently trade places with a team member from the Queens, having that person go to the Jokers. Sarah Beth decided to stay loyal and remain on her team, she felt loyalty from Kyland and safety assured. The plan to put Frenchie on the block became a key point for Tiffany when talking to Kyland after the game. The smart decision could be in going after Frenchie, and Tiffany continued to make a lot of sense. Britini felt like a throw-in, an attempt from her teammate Frenchie, to steer away nomination of him for the block. Kyland could see through it and got generally confused by the points she made.

Big Brother Season 23 E05 Recap: Loyalty & Memory Tested At Wild Card
Photo: CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The nominations felt like an approaching storm that would either become confusingly quiet or threateningly strong. Kyland then chose to nominate Frenchie & Britini. It made a lot of sense for his nominations to come down like they did, it was tough to see Britini get upset like that but it was a smart move from Kyland. The Veto competition is up next this Wednesday at 8 PM EST, and we'll see if anything changes for Kyland and his nomination decision. Let us know in the comments below what you thought about this episode of Big Brother!

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