Big Brother Season 23 Episode 4 Review: A Very Tense First Eviction

Alliances are getting confusing, and not just for the audience, as houseguests attempt to figure out their connections during the first eviction of the 23rd season of Big Brother. First off, spoilers are plentiful and heading your way…so turn back now if you don't want surprises and instead read my past article regarding the veto competition. Now we need to discuss the cluster f**k that is Frenchie's concept of gameplay and alliances. The man came up with a name for his dream alliance years before coming to the Big Brother house, and he calls it "The Slaughterhouse". The problem arrives when there are a huge number of people in the alliance to start with…and it includes Christian? Frenchie, you're coming off desperate, dude… and weird. Next, he goes and attempts an alliance of "all-women"…plus Frenchie? Yeah, Claire, Azah, Tiffany, and Hannah see through all of that. Frenchie may not be as smooth as he thinks he is.

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 4 Review: First Eviction Gets Tense
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While there may have been tension heavy throughout the Big Brother house, it was hilarious to see everyone, including Travis via a hilarious striptease, celebrate Kyland's birthday. The next thing we see is Travis attempting to keep up the positive associations with him staying another week, through the advice of his teammates he goes to Frenchie to explain the pros of voting out Alyssa. Mainly pointing to himself with the reasoning, he makes it known that keeping him around would help with any target being placed, very likely, on Frenchie's back.


In the final chance to sway votes, Alyssa and Travis speak to the houseguests live. Alyssa shouts out her loved ones, her clothing line, and a personal note on celebrating her birthday after an anxious week. Travis spoke with a great sense of humor, even throwing in a joke reference to a Hot Ones episode meme of Paul Rudd. Jokes aside, the voting began shortly after and swiftly starting with Sarah Beth voting to evict Travis. Next to vote was Xavier who voted to evict Travis as well. Whitney voted to evict Travis. Christian voted to evict Travis. Azah voted to evict Travis. Derek F voted to evict Alyssa. Kyland voted to evict Travis. Tiffany voted to evict Alyssa. Derek X voted to evict Travis. Claire voted to evict Travis. Hannah voted to evict Travis. Britini voted to evict Travis. Brent voted to evict Travis. The news broke to the houseguests that Travis would be the first elimination from the Big Brother house.

Plenty of hugs went around and love was shown to Travis as he gathered his things to head out and greet Julie Chen. He thinks he went a little too hard going in, he sees the honor in Frenchie but acknowledges the falling out of the promises made from the former HOH. The power of HOH then went back up for grabs, with Frenchie obviously sitting this one out. They played "Pool Sharks", attempting to hit their assigned ball into the mouth of a plastic shark mouth. The problem comes with claiming the best-numbered spot for a great position for aiming. The positions from which houseguests aimed proved to be tricky for sure as the angles became more difficult as it went along. For a moment, Brent was the one to beat for the top spot. Kyland quickly went into the leader circle after his shot, replacing Brent. Even after many attempted to take it from Kyland, he quickly became the next HOH. A quick but interesting game for the title. Sunday night, at 8 PM EST, Kyland will have to decide the next nominations for eviction on Big Brother and the Wild Card Competition will bring in another interesting twist involving potential switching from one team to another. Let us know in the comments your thoughts on the eviction decision!

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