Bosch Season 7 Gets Official Trailer; Titus Welliver Teases Big Payoff

Fans of Detective Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver), rejoice! You have a trailer for the show's seventh season on Amazon Prime, which drops later this month on June 25. Welliver is also dropping a whole bunch of breadcrumbs about what viewers can expect from the eponymous detective in what he is using air quotes to describe as the "final" season of the show. Hmmm…

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Don't worry, fans! Bosch isn't going anywhere. In fact, Amazon is using one of their most popular streaming series to launch a new show on its new, free IMDB Prime platform. "I shudder to call it a spin-off because it's really not; it's just the continuing saga of Harry Bosch," Welliver revealed in an interview. "He's in a different place, but it's a continuation… A lot is revealed toward the end of this final season of Bosch — I do air quotes on that, 'final season' — which lays the foundation for where we will find these three characters as we open the new show."

In the trailer for the seventh season of Bosch, it teases his "final" case: an arson case where a firebomb claims the life of five people, including kids and a pregnant woman. "And as everybody knows, for Harry, that's where it gets to a place where it makes him really, really dangerous for bad guys. So his pursuit of that becomes relentless, as he does with all other cases."

The case involves a local crimelord/banker, whom they call "a female Stringer Bell." That's a mighty big shot to call, but it tells you exactly what they're aiming for. The season will also deal with the fallout from Season 6 and Bosch's partner J. Edgar (Jamie Hector) after facing off against their previous big bad, Jacques Avril. Edgar is still reeling from the confrontation, going down his own dark path, which puts a strain on their relationship.

"So I think that will be the big payoff, to see how they work their way through it, unpack that, and it's a lot of stuff. You know, while there is a healthy dose of action and things going on, I always feel like [Bosch] comes down to stories about people, and the fragility of human nature."

Fans of the show and of Welliver should know what a great actor he is and a supremely great nerd– one whose toy collection is so big he doesn't have space to display it all. Fans may remember him from Agents of SHIELD, (where he got to play alongside his former college roommate Clark Gregg) or may have noticed his name on the voice cast of the upcoming Batman: The Long Halloween as Carmine Falcone.

The first six seasons of Bosch are on Amazon Prime, and you should totally binge them between now and June 25 when the seventh season airs. And since you're here…

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