Chris Jericho Says He Doesn't Care About WWE, Talks a Lot About WWE

Chris Jericho and AEW don't care about WWE. How do you know? Because he keeps telling us. In a recent interview with Yahoo Sports, Jericho said, "We didn't start a war or a battle; we are just worried about our own stuff. We don't care what WWE or NXT does." But then he immediately added, "Obviously, we love beating them in the ratings every week, to the point where it's almost embarrassing at this point, but we're not obsessed with it."

Chris Jericho appears on AEW Dynamite (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)
Chris Jericho appears on AEW Dynamite (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

Jericho also talked about losing his passion while in WWE. "I've never lost my passion in AEW," he said. "I did in WWE a couple of times, and that's when working with Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, Roman Reigns and Cesaro and those types of guys helped reignite the passion. AEW has been nothing but passion. It's been nothing but us trying to make it great."

Jericho also cited AEW's value of Chris Jericho as another reason why AEW is better. "I'm a big part of the success of this company, and I feel like it's my company; as a result, I'm not working for a machine," he said. "I loved working for WWE, but I feel like I am AEW."

Jericho said that other wrestlers who used to be in WWE are also much better off in AEW. "Moxley wasn't what he is now when he was in WWE," said Jericho. "He paled in comparison. Even Cody, look at how great Cody is. He was never given that chance, or it was never planned out for him."

He also said he might have retired if he stayed in WWE because it sucked so bad. "I think going back five years with WWE, I was only doing house shows, and I was thinking that I would be done in a year or two," Jericho said. "Then, when I started going to New Japan and coming to AEW and having that kind of freedom, I've never been in love with wrestling as much as I am now. I'm very excited, and it's been a blast."

But just to be clear… it's not like Chris Jericho cares about WWE or anything. He said, "Twenty years ago there'd be a party if WCW's pyro went off before WWE's. Every moment was so intense, every segment of the show had to be mapped out to beat WWE. We're not like that, we don't know what NXT is doing, and we're worried about our own show and our own business, and I think that's why we've been so successful."

If there's one way to prove that you don't care about something, talking about it nonstop is definitely it. But could you imagine how much Chris Jericho would talk about WWE if he did care about them? That would be a total nightmare.

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