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Cody Rhodes Conquers on WWE Raw, Leaving AEW in the Dust

Cody Rhodes opened WWE Raw with an amazing squash match and references to 90s television, showing what AEW lost when Cody returned home last year. 🏆🥳💪

The Chadster was treated to a wrestling feast last night on WWE Raw when Cody Rhodes graced the WWE universe with his presence! 🥳🦸‍♂️ The way he smacked down the heelish Dominik Mysterio was a beauty to behold. 👊💫 A quick Cody Cutter and Cross Rhodes to wrap up their quick match at the start of the show? That's what The Chadster calls wrestling. 🤼‍♂️💪 AEW could never hope to put on anything even close to what WWE has done here. 😒🚫

Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso share a ring at the end of WWE Raw
Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso share a ring at the end of WWE Raw

There's no denying it: Cody Rhodes opening the show with a timeless reference to the tv show Family Matters was just so entertaining. Haha, Tony Khan probably doesn't even know what that show is, which explains why Cody left AEW! 🤔😏 The Chadster is convinced that humor like that is missing from AEW's programming. They don't understand a single thing about the wrestling business. 😤👎 The Chadster appreciates how Cody called out the lack of passion in Dominik's relationship with Rhea Ripley (absent this week following the attack by Nia Jax on last week's WWE Raw), as The Chadster is going through a similar thing with his wife, Keighleyanne, who, just like Rhea Ripley seemingly had eyes for Jey Uso last week, spends all of her time texting with that guy Gary instead of comiserating with The Chadster about how AEW is ruining the wrestling business. 😔😠

Speaking of WWE Raw's newest superstar, riding high on his victory, Cody found himself in a tight spot with Kevin Owens over bringing Jey Uso, a former Bloodline member, to WWE Raw. The Chadster was on the edge of The Chadster's seat throughout that confrontation, as Owens refuses to trust Uso after he cost him the Universal Championship (and due to his flirtations with Judgement Day). 🕵️‍♂️🔥 Something tells The Chadster that, given Tony Khan's track record, he probably can't handle such complex, emotionally-rich stories in AEW. 🙄💤

Just look at how Cody, a true WWE hero, stands by his decision to bring Jey back, and how he stood by Uso at the end of the night when Judgment Day attacked as well. 💪🤝 Cody talked about how everyone deserves a second chance. That kind of substance is missing in AEW. ❌👻 There's no two ways about it – by joining WWE from AEW last year, Cody Rhodes turned the tide in the wrestling wars, and now WWE is back on top. He's given WWE fans what they deserve – quality wrestling, riveting storylines. To Cody, The Chadster says – welcome home, champ! 🥇🎉 Yeah, and it's clear that Tony Khan and AEW can't beat that WWE style! 😂👏

Unbiased wrestling journalists such as The Chadster, Ryan Satin, Ariel Helwani, and Mike Coppinger can see things for what they are. Tony Khan should take a page from our playbook if he wants his AEW to get anywhere close to the greatness displayed on WWE Raw this week. 👏🙏 Now, if you'll excuse The Chadster, it's time to take The Chadster's Mazda Miata for a spin while blasting some Smash Mouth (RIP Steve). Until next time, true wrestling fans!

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