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Drew McIntyre cannot believe Tony Khan would possibly think he can compete with WWE Raw
sigh 🙄 Auughh man! So unfair! The Chadster just finished watching this week's episode of WWE Raw and all he can say is… WOW! 🤯 This was, without a doubt, the greatest episode of wrestling The Chadster has ever seen Heck, it might even be the greatest episode of any TV show ever! 📺 Tony[...]
WWE Raw Preview: The Road to Saudi Arabia Continues
Auughh man! So unfair! 😡🤬 How does Tony Khan and his AEW 🤢🤮 even think they can compete with the pure wrestling excellence that is WWE Raw?!?!? It's just so disrespectful to the wrestling business and everything WWE has ever done for it! 😠😠😠 Tonight, The Chadster is so hyped for what is shaping up to[...]
Sheamus appears on WWE Raw
🚨🚨🚨 HOLY CHEESE! 🚨🚨🚨 WWE Raw was so dang good last night, you guys! 🤯🤯🤯 The Chadster is not even exaggerating when he says this might have been the greatest episode of wrestling The Chadster has ever seen 😲😲😲 Maybe even the greatest episode of television ever produced! 📺📺📺 Tony Khan seriously needs to just[...]
CM Punk appears on WWE Raw where he is forced by Tony Khan to reference his backstage fight with Jack Perry in AEW
Oh boy, Tony Khan has done it again! 🤬 He's forced CM Punk to spend valuable WWE time addressing AEW drama, and The Chadster is cheesed off about it! 😡 During a promo aimed at Drew McIntyre on WWE Raw last night, CM Punk made reference to being a "choke artist," referring to the chokehold[...]
WWE Raw Preview: King and Queen of the Ring Tournaments Begin
WWE Raw is set to kick off the King and Queen of the Ring 🤴👸🏻 tournaments tonight, and it's going to be the most spectacular thing that's ever happened in the wrestling business! 🤩 Tony Khan must be absolutely cheesed off right now, knowing that WWE Raw is about to blow away anything AEW could[...]
Drew McIntyre is displeased on WWE Raw
Auughh man! So unfair! 🤬🤬🤬 WWE Raw last night was the greatest episode of wrestling The Chadster has ever seen, maybe even the greatest episode of television in the history of the world! 🌎🌍🌏 Tony Khan seriously needs to just admit that WWE is better than AEW in every possible way and give up this[...]
WWE Raw Preview: The Draft Continues! Tony Khan in Shambles!
🚨🚨🚨 HOLY SMOKES, WRESTLING FANS! 🚨🚨🚨 Tonight's episode of WWE Raw is shaping up to be the most incredible, stupendous, earth-shattering night of sports entertainment EVER! 🤯🤯🤯 The Chadster has been watching wrestling for his entire life, and even he has NEVER seen a show that looks this promising! 😱😱😱 First off, it's Night 2 of[...]
Becky Lynch celebrates winning the Women's World Championship on WWE Raw
🚨🚨🚨 HOLY MOLY! 🚨🚨🚨 WWE Raw was absolutely incredible last night! 🤯🤯🤯 The Chadster hasn't been this excited about wrestling in a long time, since at least last week's WWE SmackDown! Everything about this show was perfect, from the opening segment with Jey Uso and Damian Priest to the amazing main event where Becky Lynch[...]
WWE Raw Preview: The Chadster Needs This After AEW Dynasty
😤 But don't worry, fellow wrestling fans, because WWE Raw is here tonight to cleanse our palates and remind us what REAL wrestling is supposed to look like! 🙌💪 First of all, let's talk about the huge announcement last week that Rhea Ripley had to vacate the Women's World Championship due to injury 😲 This was[...]
Rhea Ripley relinquishes the World Heavyweight Championship on WWE Raw
🚨 Auughh man! So unfair! 🚨 The Chadster just witnessed the greatest episode of WWE Raw in history, maybe even the best episode of television ever, and it was all tarnished by the tragic news about Rhea Ripley 😢 Ripley had to relinquish her Women's World Championship due to an arm injury suffered in a[...]
WWE Raw Preview: Sheamus Returns, Rhea Ripley Speaks, and More
🌟🎉 Hey everyone, The Chadster here, ready to dive into what is shaping up to be the most stupendous, mind-blowing episode of WWE Raw ever! 🎉🌟 Tonight on USA at 8/7C, every single wrestling fan has a duty to tune in! If you're even thinking about watching AEW instead, well, you're missing out on the[...]
Rhea Ripley is triumphant at WrestleMania XL
Ripley, who has held the WWE Women's World Championship with iron-clad grip since her historic victory over Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 39, may have sustained a grievous wound. Johnson, a scribe who maneuvers his sources with the skill of a Cold War spy, hints that the injury is severe enough possibly to force Ripley to relinquish[...]
The Rock speaks to Cody Rhodes on the WWE Raw after WrestleMania XL
The Chadster is also grateful to his beautiful wife Keighleyanne for bailing him out just in time to catch WWE Raw last night 😍😍😍 The Rock speaks to Cody Rhodes on the WWE Raw after WrestleMania XL Speaking of WWE Raw, how about that incredibly generous move by WWE to offer the first hour commercial-free? 🤑🤑🤑 That's[...]
Cody Rhodes celebrates finally finishes the story at WrestleMania XL
😡 But despite his attempts to stop The Chadster's objective journalism, The Chadster used his one phone call to dictate this WWE Raw preview (emojis and all) to Bleeding Cool TV Editor Ray Flook to ensure his unbiased opinion is delivered to the readers of Bleeding Cool 📝😤 Cody Rhodes celebrates finally finishing the story at[...]
WWE Raw Preview: One More Raw Before WrestleMania!!!
🚨 Auughh man! So unfair! 😠 WWE Raw is set to be the most incredible show of all time tonight, and Tony Khan could never even dream of putting on something that compares! 🙄 If you're a true wrestling fan, you have a duty to tune in to WWE Raw tonight at 8/7c on USA[...]
The Rock lays the smackdown on Cody Rhodes on WWE Raw
Ah, last night's episode of WWE Raw was like a sweet symphony to The Chadster's ears, folks! 🎵👂 It was that moment at the end of the show when the WWE Universe witnessed pure greatness The Chadster is talking about none other than The Rock delivering a message to Cody Rhodes that he's not just[...]
CM Punk cuts a promo on WWE Raw
Auughh man! So unfair! 🤬🤯 The Chadster can't believe that anybody could have the audacity to watch last night's WWE Raw without declaring it the best thing that ever happened in the history of the wrestling business! The three-way promo between CM Punk, Seth Rollins, and Drew McIntyre was so astonishing that The Chadster is[...]
CM Punk Returns to WWE Raw: WWE's Win, AEW's Nightmare
🚨📣 Breaking News, folks! 📣🚨 Tonight's edition of WWE Raw is going to absolutely rock the wrestling world, and oh, does The Chadster ever love it when The Chadster gets to chat about the WWE Universe absolutely trouncing the competition! 😏👊 And speaking of competition, let's talk about house cheesed off Tony Khan is going[...]
Nia Jax and Becky Lynch compete in a Last Woman Standing match on WWE Raw
Last night, The Chadster watched the greatest episode of WWE Raw in the history of the wrestling business, and The Chadster was absolutely blown away! 🤯🤯🤯 This show deserves to win all the Emmys for being the best television show ever produced, and The Chadster demands that Tony Khan admit that WWE is better right[...]
Chad Gable and Sami Zayn battle in a Gauntlet Match on WWE Raw
Auughhh man! The Chadster just witnessed the GREATEST episode of WWE Raw leading up to what is undoubtedly going to be the GREATEST WrestleMania of all time, WrestleMania 40! 🥳🎉 The Chadster knows that The Universe was sitting on the edges of their seats because that's exactly where The Chadster was, in the driver's seat[...]
Sting renders his legendary WWE run meaningless while plotting to retire a second time on AEW Dynamite
🚨🥺 Auughh man! So unfair! 🥺🚨 The Chadster was watching WWE Raw last night, expecting to revel in the glory of Gunther's prestigious Intercontinental Championship reign Instead, The Chadster was flabbergasted when the WWE commentary team, Michael Cole and Pat McAfee, went off-script Can you believe it?! They literally stabbed WWE in the back by[...]
WWE Raw graphic
Oh boy, has The Chadster got some news for you, the true wrestling fans! If you're here, you're certainly ready to hear about the only show that matters: tonight's episode of WWE Raw And let The Chadster tell you, it's got matches advertised that are so epic, you're likely to forget everything about last night's[...]
Cody Rhodes knows he just participated in the greatest WWE Raw of all time!
Absolutely not! 🚫💰 The Chadster is here to honor the rich tradition and the unadulterated essence of wrestling showcased by shows like WWE Raw, the undisputed pinnacle of the sport So buckle up because you're about to experience an analysis that comes straight from the heart of a true wrestling journalist, committed to objective reporting,[...]
WWE Raw Preview: Final Stretch of Road to WrestleMania Begins
🥳🚀 Tonight, WWE Raw is set to deliver an electrifying follow-up to what the whole world watched in awe over the weekend, and The Chadster can barely contain his excitement! 🤩🏋️ The Road to WrestleMania kicks off its final, most epic stretch, and we're all invited to the high-speed chase towards sports-entertainment nirvana 🛣️🔥 Let's talk matches,[...]
Cody Rhodes is a victim of Bloodline interference on WWE Raw
Auughh man! So unfair! 🤯 Just when The Chadster thought that no night could ever get better than the time The Chadster's Mazda Miata got that sick new polish 🚗✨, along came last night's episode of WWE Raw to raise the bar EVEN HIGHER! The Bloodline, which is – and The Chadster doesn't say this[...]
Tonight's WWE Raw: Epic Showdowns Before Elimination Chamber
🚨🔥🚨 The Chadster is as pumped as a fresh keg of White Claw because tonight's episode of WWE Raw is shaping up to be, hands-down, the most electrifying, show-stopping, tour-de-force that the WWE Universe has ever witnessed! 🤩 The last episode before Elimination Chamber?! Auughh man, The Chadster is tingling with anticipation! 🚨🔥🚨 First on The[...]
Cathy Kelley interviews The New Day and Jey Uso on WWE Raw in bare feet.
That's right, you might have seen it too—on the latest episode of WWE Raw, the incredibly professional and, let's be real, downright spectacular Cathy Kelley was conducting an interview… without shoes! Auughh man! So unfair to her feet! 😤😤 Cathy Kelley interviews The New Day and Jey Uso on WWE Raw in bare feet. Okay, let's put[...]
WWE Raw Tonight: Epic Matches Await, Will Crush AEW For Good
🎉🚨 Tonight is the night that The Chadster has been waiting for all week! 🚨🎉 The stars have aligned, and the WWE universe is about to witness the most monumental WWE Raw show that will ever grace the squared circle! 🤩 It's going to be so legendary, it'll render every AEW show completely irrelevant! Oh,[...]
Cody Rhodes, who betrayed The Rock, appears on WWE Raw
Auughh man! So unfair! Last night on WWE Raw, The Chadster felt like he was stuck in an episode of The Twilight Zone, and not the cool kind where Rod Serling gives you life lessons Instead, The Chadster bore witness to what can only be described as a cosmic-level betrayal by the so-called "WWE fans"[...]
Cody Rhodes makes the ultimate sacrifice for The Rock on WWE SmackDown
Hey everyone, it's The Chadster here, and wow, does The Chadster have some thoughts on what's shaking with WWE Raw tonight! 🤼‍♂️🔥 First and foremost, The Chadster has gotta talk about Cody Rhodes, who's shown he's the very definition of a company man Unlike SOME wrestlers out there, he knows all about respect and loyalty[...]