WWE Raw Women's Champion Asuka Could Be Missing Some Time
WWE Raw Women's Champion Asuka hasn't been seen on-air since suffering a legit kick to the face from Shayna Baszler on the February 22 episode  In the accidental shot to the face, Asuka lost some teeth, and it was thought that she would be missing some time due to the required dental surgery to fix the damage[...]
WWE Raw Women's Champion Asuka Could Be Missing Some Time
If you caught WWE Raw last Monday night, then you saw WWE Raw Women's Champion Asuka take a mouthful of a wild kick from Shayna Baszler, breaking or knocking out some of the champ's teeth in the process  It was an ugly (and I'm sure painful) accident that required Asuka to have some immediate emergency dental work[...]
Your Voice Chicago - SNL
Now? Watch for some major appreciation for her acting chops coming over the never few years before awards start flowing in. WWE Raw – R.I.P., Retribution… It Was Fun While It Lasted: So the dude who looks like an extra from a Disney cruise "Pirates of the Caribbean" production was actually the big, bad hacker and[...]
WWE Raw 7/20/20 Part 2 - Stephanie McMahon Ruins Everything
Royce pounds on Riott with elbows to the chest and get another two-count. WWE Raw 7/20/20 Part 2 – Stephanie McMahon Ruins Everything (Image: WWE) More trash-talking from Royce as Riott tries for a comeback Royce dumps her to the apron, but Riott hits a shoulder block through the ropes Royce tries a pin and tries to[...]
A scene from the 6/15/2020 Monday Night RAW (Image: WWE).
Read all about it in part one and two of our WWE Raw report. The Street Profits and Viking Raiders try to figure out backstage how they can finally settle their ongoing contest Big Show walks past, and Montez Ford thanks him for helping them out with the ninjas earlier Show says he's enjoyed their rivalry,[...]
He could get you in the ring with WWE Raw or Bellator MMA; get you to take a chance at the Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (MXC); have you riding shotgun next to Afro Samurai; and celebrating the best and brightest in horror with the Scream Awards But the best time for him, both personally and[...]
Stephen Amell To Appear On Next WWE Raw
The brewing feud between Arrow's Stephen Amell and wrestler Stardust / Cody Rhodes will come to a head this Monday when the two will face off on WWE Raw The match has been building over the last month or two but may have been delayed with the sudden passing of Rhodes' father, WWE Hall of[...]