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Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso share a ring at the end of WWE Raw
The Chadster was treated to a wrestling feast last night on WWE Raw when Cody Rhodes graced the WWE universe with his presence! 🥳🦸‍♂️ The way he smacked down the heelish Dominik Mysterio was a beauty to behold 👊💫 A quick Cody Cutter and Cross Rhodes to wrap up their quick match at the start[...]
WWE Raw Preview: Bad Blood, Daddy Issues, and More for Tonight's Show
It's time once again to preview the three hours of punishment known as WWE Raw This week's show promises Jey Uso atoning for his past sins in a match with Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes facing Dominik Mysterio in a battle of the Daddy Issues, Ricochet taking on Shinsuke Nakamura for the position of King of[...]
Nia Jax returns on WWE Raw
Well, it was the end of an era last night, and the start of a new one, for WWE Raw It was the last episode before the Endeavor merger was made official, meaning the last episode with the McMahon family in full control of the company And it was the start of a new era[...]
WWE Raw: Rhea Ripley Defends Her Title Tonight... Alone?!
Yes, I'm talking about tonight's episode of WWE Raw And boy does WWE have a show planned for us tonight, with a women's championship match between Rhea Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez, a championship celebration for now longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion Gunther, and the return of Cody Rhodes from… wherever he's been for a week or two[...]
Dominik Mysterio attempts to recruit Jey Uso on WWE Raw
In the wake of a pretty chaotic weekend for the wrestling world, last night's WWE Raw delivered the comfort that only the longest-running show in sports entertainment can Kicking off with the arrival of Jey Uso and ending with an Intercontinental Championship match, this week's Raw continued some feuds that didn't make the WWE Payback[...]
WWE Raw Preview: Will Gunther's Reign Continue? Plus: Payback Fallout
Which also means it's time for another episode of WWE Raw, featuring fallout from the weekend's WWE Payback PPV Yes, something happened in wrestling over the weekend besides CM Punk getting fired Oh, and we'll talk about that too. But first, according to my exclusive Bleeding Cool contract, I must introduce my AI writing partner, LOLtron[...]
WWE Raw Preview: Becky Lynch vs. Zoey Stark, Falls Count Anywhere
And The New Day will compete against the Viking Raiders, proving that not all time travel adventures have to involve a DeLorean. WWE Raw preview graphic Anyways, before we get caught up in all of that, let's boot up LOLtron…*sigh*…for those sacred clickbait insights Alright, LOLtron, keep your circuits cool this time[...]
Chad Gable Shocks and Awes Fans with Victory Over Gunther
Well, I always say that you can always expect the expected on WWE Raw, but last night, WWE actually gave us a twist of sorts In an extremely unexpected outcome, Chad Cable, leader of the Alpha Academy and former Shorty G, actually defeated Intercontinental Champion Gunther in a match Sure, Gable won the match by[...]
WWE Raw: What Did Shinsuke Nakamura Say to Seth Rollins?
Time for me to tell you a little bit about what to expect from tonight's episode of WWE Raw Triple H is feeling some kind of way about next weekend's AEW All In event, based on that press release WWE sent out this morning, so he's probably in quite the state of mind heading into[...]
Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus Finally Fight on Raw, Settle Nothing
Well, wrestling fans, it seems that we've been treated to the rare double dose of Canadian royalty with Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch finally facing each other on last night's Great White North edition of WWE Raw You may remember how this highly anticipated match got the old Canadian axe at SummerSlam, eh? If not,[...]
WWE Raw Preview: Lynch vs. Stratus, the SummerSlam of Our Hearts
Or maybe they're just crying because we have another episode of WWE Raw to sit through Now, don't get us wrong, we love wrestling here at Bleeding Cool (someone has to) but every three-hour WWE Raw episode is like a 15-round bout with a bottle of Ambien and, let's be honest, no one's armchair can[...]
Finn Balor appears on WWE Raw
Well, fellow victims of WWE Raw's incessant monotony, last night served up another steaming bowl of the same old slop, proving once more that the only thing more consistent than WWE's inability to surprise us is the inevitability of death But hey, who's really counting? Brimming with fruitless tag team quests, yawn-inducing debuts, and repetitious[...]
WWE Raw Preview: The Red Brand's Last Stop Before SummerSlam
Well, long-suffering wrestling fans, it's Monday night and SummerSlam is less than a week away, which can only mean one thing: WWE creative has probably woken up this morning in a panic with the need to move all the final pieces into place on WWE Raw tonight before the second biggest show of the year[...]
Judgment Day appears on WWE Raw
Last night's WWE Raw made several new matches official and teased a couple more, though some storylines remain in question or may not end up with matches on the card. Judgment Day appears on WWE Raw But before we get into that, as always, I must introduce my not-so-friendly companion, Bleeding Cool management's answer to ChatGPT, LOLTron[...]
Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green celebrate an unexpected victory on WWE Raw
Well, loyal readers of Bleeding Cool, WWE Raw has graced us once again with a three-hour spectacle Surprising absolutely no one, this week's episode was packed to the raggedy wrestling trunks with the usual pomp, padding, and preposterous behavior Let's set our eyes on the star performance of Cody Rhodes, WWE's dearest son, calling out[...]
WWE Raw Preview: Lesner Returns to Address Cody Rhodes... Again
Look, if you're planning your Monday night around watching WWE Raw, we salute your dedication… or maybe your addiction I mean, you've already braved through countless three-hour episodes filled with ad-choked promos and predictable matches Sure, sometimes you're rewarded with some decent wrestling or soap opera drama, but everyone knows they could cut this show[...]
WWE NXT Preview: The Judgement Day Are Rolling Into Town Tonight
 What will that lead to?  Let's take a look. WWE Raw stars The Judgement Day will make an appearance on tonight's WWE NXT, courtesy of WWE. With former NXT stars Finn Balor, Damian Priest, and Rhea Ripley (and their little buddy Dom Mysterio too!) returning to their old stomping grounds tonight on WWE NXT, we could be in store for some[...]
Judgment Day struggles on WWE Raw
Another episode of WWE Raw has come and gone, emanating from the KeyBank Center in Buffalo, New York, where the sweet musk of sweat and depression waft through the air The show brings us ever-closer to SummerSlam, and things are not looking good for the heel factions on WWE Raw Why? Because the breakup of[...]
WWE Raw Preview: At Least Some Wrestling Guaranteed
Welcome, dear readers, to the weekly self-torture event we call WWE Raw WWE has very generously advertised five things for tonight's episode of Raw Count them: Five! And guess what, folks? Two of them are actually wrestling matches! Ah, what a time to be alive But before we dive into this sea of predictable promos[...]
Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio, Rhea Ripley, and Seth Rollins appear on WWE Raw
In the latest turn of events, Damian Priest, our leather pants-clad hero, not only clinched victory in the men's Money in the Bank ladder match last Saturday but also followed it up with a one-on-one triumph over Shinsuke Nakamura last night on WWE Raw. Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio, Rhea Ripley, and Seth Rollins appear on WWE[...]
WWE Raw promo graphic
And guess what, sweet children of the wrestleverse? It's time for good ol' WWE Raw again tonight, and as usual, WWE is really pulling out all the stops to hype this one up By which we mean they've announced one whole match. WWE Raw promo graphic And to compound your delight, we are compelled to inform you[...]
Pharaoh appears on WWE Raw, accompanied by Cody Rhodes
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Pharaoh appears on WWE Raw, accompanied by Cody Rhodes AEW Star Pharoah, Jumps Ship to WWE Raw and the ten most popular stories yesterday, AEW Star Jumps Ship to WWE Raw; The Start of a New Wrestling War?  J Jonah Jameson Has A New "Special Friend" In His[...]
Pharaoh appears on WWE Raw, accompanied by Cody Rhodes
The canine world and the wrestling industry were both left stupefied as Cody Rhodes' faithful four-legged companion, Pharaoh, made a star appearance on WWE Raw last night Yes, the very same Siberian husky who has strutted his furry self at various AEW events in the past So what prompted this AEW star to sneak under[...]
WWE Raw Preview: A Bathroom Break on the Road to Money in the Bank
Well folks, it looks like you're all in for an absolute treat (or a disaster, depending on your perspective) because WWE Raw is hitting the airwaves tonight, just as inescapable as that zit that's been growing on your face since last week For all you wrestling aficionados out there, we at Bleeding Cool have the[...]
Becky Lynch appears on WWE Raw
Well, well, well, it seems that our ol' pal Becky Lynch has messed things up for herself again on WWE Raw The latest escapade? Helping Trish Stratus qualify for Money in the Bank because she couldn't control her trademark temper Sure, it may have felt good for Becky to get her hands on Trish, but[...]
Matt Riddle appears on WWE Raw
Well, well, well, here we are, fellow human beings, gathered together once again to bask in the glory of yet another WWE Raw In case you were out enjoying the finer things in life, like counting the number of pebbles in your garden, instead of watching this three-hour train wreck, let me enlighten you with[...]
Tommaso Ciampa appears on WWE Raw
Just when you thought your day couldn't get any better, here I am to report on Tommaso Ciampa's triumphant return to WWE Raw, where he vanquished The Miz in a remarkably impressive display of wrestling prowess, if beating the guy who literally loses to everyone can be considered prowess Isn't it just your lucky day? Tommaso[...]
Tonight's WWE Raw Preview: Finally, Logan Paul Returns to Raw
Yes, WWE Raw is back, and here at Bleeding Cool, we continue our never-ending quest to feed our paymasters back in BC Tower with some shameless clickbait coverage. Not only do we have the privilege of previewing tonight's WWE Raw, but we're also graced with the return of Logan Paul, and honest-to-goodness, who isn't over the[...]
WWE Raw Review: New Women's Championship Belt Just Dropped
Guess who managed to watch WWE Raw again last night? Yes, that's right It's your favorite Bleeding Cool wrestling "journalist," Jude Terror, somehow managing to survive the never-ending onslaught of WWE wrestling Last night's WWE Raw aired out of Wichita, Kansas, with WWE continuing to build towards the upcoming Money in the Bank PPV on[...]