Cody Rhodes on a Nick Aldis Rematch, Cross-Branded AEW Shows

AEW's Full Gear PPV is in the record books, and a fine show it was, but even finer is the wealth of clickbait article material left over from the conference call Cody Rhodes did ahead of the show. During that call, Cody was asked about the potential for a third match with NWA Champion Nick Aldis and for a "super show" with AEW and another brand, such as NWA, cross-promoting the show. Unfortunately, Cody doesn't think either one is very likely.

Cody Rhodes appears on AEW Dynamite. [Credit: AEW]
Cody Rhodes appears on AEW Dynamite. [Credit: AEW]
"The doors are open. The bridges are down," Cody said of a willingness for AEW to work with other companies. However, he added, "One thing I'm pretty sure we will never do, and I'm saying pretty sure, I don't think we'll ever do a cross-promoted show where we're running two different banners. We're very proud of our own identity. Doesn't mean we won't cross over, doesn't mean others won't cross.

"I will say the more that [NWA Owner] Billy [Corgan] and [AEW President] Tony Khan talk, and the more you see that NWA presence, I've often brought it up, well, the lingering question is going to be when? How? Where?" Cody continued. "If we were to do a Nick Aldis and a Cody 3. If anyone knows anything about how the second match went down, and if anybody knows anything about the general nature and atmosphere of that, it's probably best we just leave it to: we had a great experience. One of my favorite memories in my entire life is the opening 30 seconds to a minute of All In and feeling that moment and sharing that with Nick. Nothing but respect and love for Nick. I would bet you, though, nah… It would be very difficult for that third match to happen."

Apparently, while AEW and NWA can work together, Cody doesn't think they can work together again regarding these two particular wrestlers. He said, "The parties involved are very particular about the other parties involved, that being the entities, the novelties the commodities, I suppose that being Nick and myself. It's not impossible. We did it once before and it was a beautiful, beautiful piece of business. I'm glad they were able to take that moment from all in and parlay it into more success for themselves. That's the beauty of wrestling. We're all lifting one another up, or at least that's the point. But I don't know if you'll ever see that third match. I would be quite blown away if it happened, but never say never."

Never say never is pretty much the rule in wrestling. Then again, it does sound like this really might be a never. Then again, "it'll probably never happen" is exactly the sort of thing a wrestler would say if something was definitely going to happen! Okay, I guess we don't really know anything more after this entire ordeal.

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