Comic Book Villain Wish List: Marvel's Daredevil – Bullseye

With the Christmas gifts all open, the turkey and veggies all eaten and the pies coming out of the oven, it's time to share my final wish list villain, this time going over to Marvel's Daredevil. As much as I love Ol' Hornhead taking on a group of Ninjas, I think our time with the Hand is over and we need to see the big gun, the crazy one himself, Bullseye.


Bullseye was created by Marv Wolfman and John Romita Sr. in Daredevil #131 (1976), three years prior to Frank Miller starting on the series. But it was during Miller seminal run that Bullseye became one of Daredevil's greatest foes, along with the Kingpin. And unlike the other Netflix series, Daredevil had a previous feature film to try and live down. And where they gave us a new version of Wilson Fisk, they waited to introduce Elektra until the second season — meaning we should be able to see Bullseye without thinking of Colin Farrell and his scarred forehead.

The character is more like a Batman villain than probably any other in the MCU. He is built as a counter to specific aspects of the hero's character. Skill-wise, he is superior in many ways. He can turn any object into a weapon and never misses. He can afflict a lot of damage on someone, which goes well with Matt Murdock's ability to take a lot of damage. But where Matt is driven by his upbringing and Catholic guilt, Lester is amoral and kills people for fun and profit. He's the type of person that Daredevil can never be nor understand. He functions on a totally different mental process and he can turn Daredevil's guilt and sense of responsibility against him.

Daredevil comics have been going on for years and there are plenty of villains the series could tap into and there has been a lot of talk about the Born Again series, another celebrated run by Miller with David Mazzuchelli. This series is basically what Miller brought to the character, and we've seen all of the components so far with Kingpin, Elektra, the Hand, the Chaste and Stick. But missing from that group is Bullseye, and it just won't seem right until we see the best live-action Daredevil to date take on his best enemy.

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