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Crying Over Spilled Wine on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation This Week

Was the cast of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation able to recover from the shocking wine-throwing fight between Angelina and Nikki last episode? This question will be answered, comrades, as I recap MTV's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 5 Episode 27 "Knock Knock! Who's There?"

Pauly and Nikki hear what Angelina has to say on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
Pauly and Nikki hear what Angelina has to say on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation [screencap
Comrades, I apologize for my absence last week. I was meeting with the leaders of OPEC to convince them to raise oil prices to mess with America and with Joe Biden to convince him to release all the marijuana addicts from prison. Now there will be a bunch of stoners in America… unable to afford gas to go out and buy weed! Haw haw haw haw!

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation – "Wine War" Beatdown Aftermath

But in my absence, I missed talking about the biggest moment of this season of Jersey Shore, the blow-up fight where Angelina threw wine at Nikki. The producers have been teasing this scene all season long with a clip of the wine toss, so I was totally prepared for it to be a huge misdirection. Well, that wasn't the case. The fight started when the girls won an impromptu Wild 'n Out match against the boys, because of which Vinny had to post an appreciation post for Angelina on Instagram. He did… but moments later, he took it down and posted "JK," which sent Angelina into a rage.

Angelina threw water on Vinny, which splashed on Nikki. Nikki threw water back at Angelina. So Angelina grabbed a glass of red wine and threw it on Nikki. This sent Nikki into a rage, and she grabbed a whole bottle of wine as Angelina locked herself in the confessional room. Pauly D broke down the door, allowing Nikki to pour the bottle of wine on Angelina.

This week's episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation picked up the following morning, with the roomies trying to sort out the aftermath. After lots of talk about whether or not Angelina would apologize (and some comparisons of Pauly D to Will Smith), Angelina did go to Nikki and Pauly and apologize, attributing it to stress from her divorce, and they did accept it, squashing the beef.

So, comrades, the rest of the episode was spent on preparations for "Vin Day" — a day to celebrate Vinny. And the organizer of this event was Vinny himself, driven by years of neglect from his roommates, who have never thrown him a birthday party. Vinny stole Deena's planning book to take over the plans for the final day of the trip and ordered t-shirts with his Instagram pictures on them to force the group to wear.

The cast also visited a Brazillian Steakhouse for dinner, where Vinny bested The Situation in a meat-eating contest because Mike refused to take "The Keto Guido's" advice and avoid filling up on the salad bar and other carbs. The next morning, Vinny called the group to the suite and handed out the t-shirts. The episode ended with them throwing the t-shirts back at him, but the teaser indicates the cast may enjoy some more adult-oriented mayhem next episode. And Angelina may finally end up in bed with Vinny as well.

Until next time, comrades: socialism or death!

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