Dark Side of the Ring S03: Kanyon Comes Out to Father James Mitchell

On tonight's episode of Evan Husney & Jason Eisener's pro-wrestling docuseries Dark Side of the Ring, the spotlight shifts in theme & focus as we look at the life & career of the late Chris Kanyon. Considered by many one of wrestling's most innovative & versatile performers of his era, Kanyon kept his own sexuality a closely guarded secret for decades before taking his own life in 2010. In the following preview clip from "The Double Life of Chris Kanyon", "The Sinister Minister" Father James Mitchell details what led to a frantic call from Kanyon that resulted in him coming out to Mitchell.

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Here's a look at a sneak preview for tonight's episode "The Double Life of Chris Kanyon":

Here's a look at the trailer for "The Double Life of Chris Kanyon," which also includes personal perspectives from Chris Jericho, Diamond Dallas Page, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson (The Young Bucks), Brian Cage, Luke Hawx, and more:

Dark Side of the Ring Season 3 Episode 9 "The Double Life of Chris Kanyon": In a culture that celebrates machismo and negative gay stereotypes, wrestling innovator Chris Kanyon keeps his own sexuality a closely guarded secret for decades.

Here's a look at the full trailer for Vice TV's Dark Side of the Ring Season 3B, set to premiere September 16; followed by the Season 3b preview special Dark Side Confidential:

This new batch of episodes will spotlight Vince McMahon and "The Steroid Trials" from the 1990s; look at the formation of FMW, created by Japan's Atsushi Onita and known for its spectacular matches and gratuitous gore but took a dark turn in the hands of Onita's protégé; and focus on Luna Vachon, who faced immense personal loss and battled addiction while making a name for herself in wrestling history. In addition, the docuseries will examine the story of Johnny K9 aka Bruiser Bedlam, and his double life as a wrestler and as the leader of a biker gang implicated in drug trafficking, the bombing of a police station, and gruesome double murder. "The Plane Ride From Hell," the infamous party aboard a private 757 charter plane that forced the WWE to reprimand some of its biggest stars. XPW, which merged Rob Black's passions for porn and wrestling- until a fallout with a young wrestler started a chain of events that led to jealous rage and a terrifying amputation; and the incredible story of Chris Kanyon, who kept his sexuality a closely guarded secret for decades.

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