Doctor Who Lockdown Rewatch Sets Zygon Extravaganza with Ingrid Oliver

Emily Cook, empress of the Doctor Who global lockdown rewatches, announced that the next event will be the Doctor's two-part Zygon saga "Invasion of the Zygons" and "Inversion of the Zygons." Ingrid Oliver, who played Osgood, and episode writer Peter Harness will join the event and livetweet. The rewatch starts on Sunday, May 10 at 7.15 pm British Standard Time, putting it at 2.15 pm US Eastern Time. Cook made the announcement on Twitter, with the Doctor Who Lockdown channel on YouTube posting an official trailer for the event:

As you might expect by now, rewatch events come with extra goodies from the episode writers. This one is no different. Harness is already supplying a new supplemental story as a bonus.

Back in the 1970s, the Zygons were introduced during Tom Baker's first season and only appeared in the story, "Terror of the Zygons". They were fondly remembered, partly because their design looked so cool. The showrunner of the current era Steven Moffat brought them back for the first time in "The Day of the Doctor". He then gave them a whole storyline in the 2-parter "Invasion of the Zygons" and "Inversion of the Zygons". They've actually appeared more often in the current version of the show than in the original.

The Zygons will be the focus of the next Doctor Who Lockdown rewatch, courtesy Doctor Who Lockdown and BBC Studios.
The Zygons will be the focus of the next Doctor Who Lockdown rewatch, courtesy Doctor Who Lockdown and BBC Studios.

The two-parter is also notable for many things. It gave Jenna Coleman two roles to play (Clara and her Zygon doppelganger) and let her show her range. It cements Ingrid Oliver's character Osgood as a fan favorite. Last but not least, it featured that speech. It was probably one of the greatest speeches on Doctor Who, delivered by possibly the greatest actor to play the Doctor. Any flaws or shortcomings in the story were obliterated by Peter Capaldi delivering that speech about the futility and horror of war. Great speeches from The Doctor were a staple of Steven Moffat's run on the show. He seemed especially inspired by Capaldi to give him even more great speeches, right to the end of his tenure as the Doctor. You'll be able to follow the livetweet on Sunday via the Twitter hashtag #TruthOrConsequences.

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